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The Bub Hub Club - Episode Three - Sleeping & Settling

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In Episode Three we talk about sleeping and settling. Sleep can be a big issue for all kids, from newborns to toddlers and even older than that. We’ve got some great insights from two experts in this episode. We have:

Part One

Brad, Matt, and Jenni talk about everything sleep - from sleeping patterns, and sleeping routines, to knowing when your baby is ready for sleep, and how parents can deal with sleep deprivation.

They also discuss how reaching behavioural and growth milestones can affect sleep, four month sleep regression, and the dreaded question: “ is the baby sleeping through?”.

Part Two

Brad, Matt, and Jenni discuss everything about sleep issues, such as how to determine if your baby has a sleep problem, and when and where to look for help with sleep training. They talk  about the current schools of thought around the ‘cry it out’ and ‘controlled comforting’ techniques.

Jenni gives some insight on reflux affecting sleep and how to deal with ‘catnapping’ babies. Matt then talks about older kids – setting up a good bedtime routine, dealing with a child who prolongs their bedtime, and how to help a child who has a bad dream.

Part Three

Cat, a member of the Bubhub team, asks Matt and Jenni some questions on behalf of the forum members. The experts give some insight into how to get a baby to transition from sleeping in your arms to sleeping in a bed during the day, how to stop your baby from becoming a bad sleeper, and when demand feeding and rocking/cuddling baby to sleep is no longer necessary.

They talk about if moving around while asleep lessens the amount of rest a child receives, when a co-sleeper will naturally want to sleep on their own, and how to get mum some rest by getting baby able to be settled by someone else, night wean, or get them to sleep through.
Plus they answer the questions of stopping  4 and 5 am wake ups, and waking up during the night simply wanting company.

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