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The Bub Hub Club - Episode Four - Starting Solids & Fussy Eaters

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In Episode Four, we delve into the topic of feeding. This can be a huge issue for kids of all ages, and many parents just simply don't know what to do to get their child to eat what they're supposed to, when they're supposed to. To tackle this subject, we've got Julie Cichero and returning guest, Kate Di Prima.

Part One

Brad, Julie, and Kate discuss the ins and outs of feeding. The talk about when to introduce solids, how much solid food babies should be eating, and what portion size is best for babies.

Why babies gag on food and the link between feeding and speech development is discussed, and the importance of introducing different textures and setting mealtime rules get a mention, too.

They also discuss how reaching behavioural and growth milestones can affect sleep, four month sleep regression, and the dreaded question: “is the baby sleeping through?”.

Part Two

Brad, Julie, and Kate explore fussy eaters - why kids start being fussy, how to get fussy eaters the necessary nutrients, good meals to control blood sugar and sustain energy with fussy eaters, and medical reasons for fussiness.

They talk about the traps parents should avoid, how to get kids to try new foods, the possibility of a fear of new foods, and how to get your child to move through the food groups.

Part Three

On behalf of our forum members, Cat from the Bubhub team asks Julie and Kate some questions from bubhubbing mums and dads. Our experts answer questions about spoon feeding for too long and when to introduce finger food, whether breastfed babies need water when they start solids, and what to do when toddlers refuse dinner.

They discuss whether a one-year-old needs cow's milk, what to do when your baby suddenly refuses solids - even the food they love, and whether solids affect sleep.

The question of baby-led weaning also comes up and is discussed.

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