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The Bub Hub Club - Episode Five - Behaviour & Development

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For Episode Five, we take a look at child behaviour and development. We talk about age-appropriate games, developmental milestones and the benefit of play and interaction. Also questions about discipline, tantrums and problem behaviour.

We are joined by experts Matt Sanders and Petra Stanton.

Part One

Brad and Matt discuss child development and comparing to other kids, knowing if your child is on track, and knowing when to seek help. They talk about discipline, manners, tantrums, and disobedience.

They also talk about the challenges facing parents with older children.

Part Two

Brad, Petra, and Matt talk about play-based learning, games and books that aid learning and development, and why family activities are so good for kids.

They explore how playgroup and other group socialisation is beneficial for kids, how to notice positive peer associations, and how to spot bullying.

Part Three

Here we answer some questions from the parents on our forum - asked by team member Cat.

They talk about how to get your child to be more outgoing and confident, how to keep kids occupied - learning and having fun at the same time, and some chat about toilet training regression.

One mum asks about mother’s groups for young mums, another about how to discipline when the naughty corner doesn’t work, and one asks if playgroup is beneficial for autistic kids. They also discuss when it is normal to see kids walk, and how to deal with siblings fighting with each other.

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