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‘The Staydry Little Boss Bed Pad will make your life easier!’

A young child sitting on a bed with theStay Dry Little Boss Bed Pad

If your little one is toilet training or occasionally having night time accidents you know how disruptive it can be to change bedding in the middle of the night. And there’s not one family who needs any more disruptive sleep!

That’s one of the best things about the Staydry Little Boss Bed Pad—it sits on top of the bedding and is super absorbent so you only need to remove the bed pad after an accident. No need to strip the bed and put on new sheets in the middle of the night! It actually retains a whopping 2500mls of fluid overnight!

But, according to our reviewers, that’s only one of the many reasons the Staydry Little Boss Bed Pad gets the tick of approval. Check out what they had to say.

Staydry Little Boss Bed Pad reviews

“The Staydry Little Boss Bed Pad will make your life easier!”

I reviewed this product a lot longer than most! When opening the box, we also found an adorable sticker chart, the penguins were a huge hit!

I am toilet training my four-and-half-year-old, gently! We did start around two, but we just haven’t made it yet. For mums, dads and carers everywhere I believe the Staydry Little Boss Bed Pad will make your life easier. Why?

It will hold a lot—when using the pad there is not any leakage to the bed. It’s very simple to use, place and tuck and I was really pleased with the extra wing material as my daughter is a fidgety sleeper.

The amount of washing this pad has gone through is ridiculous but the quality, value for money and durability of this product is a big tick. No fraying seams yet!

I also used this pad folded up in a pillowcase for the car seat and on the sofa. This was to keep my girl in big girl underwear—but less clean up for me. –Rachael

“A fantastic product that delivers on all of its promises!”

Unlike other waterproofing items I have used in the past, the Staydry Little Boss Bed Pad is extremely effective.

I used it with my 10-year-old daughter who has continence issues after a serious accident and the bed was well protected.

Washing it was very easy and being able to put it in the dryer for the days that it had to go back on quickly was a fantastic selling point. It remained soft and comfortable and unlike other products, didn’t rustle or ‘crunch’ every time she turned over.

Sizewise, it was absolutely perfect. We used the King Single size and it tucked in with a generous skirt and covered a large area appropriate for protection. I am seriously looking at purchasing one for my bed and another for her bed as this will be a long-term necessity for us.

They are priced absolutely accurately and definitely are value for money. It has been washed nearly every day since we got it and still looks like new—I am thinking it will definitely outlast any previous options and, in my mind, a decent product that doesn’t require constant replacement has to be a good thing, environment-wise.

In summary, a fantastic product that delivers on all of its promises and is value for money.

Thank you for the opportunity to try this—it has been an absolute Godsend! 5 stars! –Kyra

It’s a definite 5 stars!

The Staydry Little Boss Bed Pad is life saving. We just bought a brand new king size bed when we started the toilet training, so imagine my concerns. We used the queen size pad and it’s perfect for the king too because my son sleeps between us so it’s all covered where he pees. We had few accidents and not a drop on the mattress.

We were thinking we’d buy a waterproof mattress protector, but there is no need for it anymore because the pad is perfect. We can definitely highly recommend the Little Boss Bed Pad. At the beginning I put it under the sheets, but now I am using it on top of the sheets and when there’s an accident I just put it for a quick wash and dry and it’s all done! Thank you very much! –Isabela

“Previous products I’ve used have either pooled the liquid or leaked through. This product does neither”

The Staydry Little Boss Bed Pad for a single bed has really taken the hassle out off the occasionally night wetting with my toddler. Previous products I have used have either pooled the liquid on top or not absorbed enough and leaked through. This lovely product does neither and simply soaks it all up making it a breeze to change the bed in the night.

It would be great if it came in some optional colours/styles as my son can be fussy to what he allows on his bed. It can also take quite a while to dry after washing however I’ve managed to have it back on the bed the following night in good weather. It would be best to have a couple on hand if your child night wets a lot. Five stars for quality and convenience! -Hannah


Stay Dry Little Boss Bed Pad

“Easy to wash and easy to install”

I found the Staydry Little Boss Bed Pad easy to wash and easy to install on my son’s single bed. It was a little annoying to fold and store as there is a big gap between the blue plastic base and the top cover. The bed pad is quite thick and bulky and my son didn’t really like sleeping on it. Nevertheless, I did find that it was very effective in soaking up urine and keeping the bed sheets dry. -Mel

“It has helped a lot towards achieving independence for him”

Thanks for the opportunity to trial the Staydry Little Boss Bed Pad. My 10-year-old nephew has developmental problems and it has been brilliant. It is easy to fit and wash and he is quite comfortable with it. It has helped a lot towards achieving independence for him in this area. –Catherine

“More convenient to change just the pad rather than all the sheets”

The Staydry Little Boss Bed Pad seems of good quality and dries quickly considering how thick it is. I find that my child moves around in bed so ends up off the mat most of the time. Maybe I need to change positions.

It is easy to use. And more convenient to change just the pad rather than all the sheets. Less nappy use creates less waste.

It is a bit on the expensive side for its purpose but considering how many layers, it might cost a lot to manufacture, but perhaps doesn’t need so many layers. I have another mat which is less bulky and easier. -Sameerah


Staydry’s owner Pauline is a mum herself, so she knows how challenging toilet training and bedwetting can be. The Staydry Little Boss Bed Pad is your perfect partner to help you through the journey! It comes in all bedding sizes, it has wings that tuck in under the mattress for wriggly kids and the Little Boss will save you stripping the whole bed in the middle of the night. Together with the range of kids toilet training briefs, you will be armed with everything you need to sail through those tricky times. Staydry is also a registered NDIS provider.

To shop the Kids range, head to staydry.com.au/collections/kids. With every purchase, you will receive a FREE toilet training chart.

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