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The Bub Hub has been SAVED! We ARE NOT closing!


Update: 21 July 2020

We have just received confirmation that we have a very tangible agreement to keep the Bub Hub going!

It’s not signed, sealed or delivered as that legal stuff takes times but we don’t anticipate any major issues.

I can’t say who until it’s all finalised, but it’s a community-minded non-for-profit organisation who are very keen to see the community survive & thrive. They are a large organisation with far more resources than we have.


We thank you all so much for your support and kind words. Your depth of sentiment is one of the main reasons that organisations such as the one we’re speaking to feel that the site must be saved.

More info when we can. In the meantime, time to celebrate!!


Well, what a run we had.

What started as an idea in my brilliant wife’s brain in 2000 became the most popular parenting portal in Australia.

It allowed us to work from home, raise our beautiful family and help millions of parents in Australia and around the world

However, we’re now sad to announce it will close on July 22, 2020.

We’ve loved growing the Bub Hub and our family over the past 19+ years but we’ve been looking to pass on the business for a few years now without success. So it is time for us to move on.

But before we close the site on July 22 we want to thank some of the people who helped make the Bub Hub a success over the years.


The idea for the Bub Hub started when Hilary was pregnant with our eldest child (he’s now 19). She found that there was a lack of information on some aspects of pregnancy and a huge amount of information on others, but it was often conflicting.

She decided it would be great to create a site where all of the information was in one spot — so parents could make informed decisions.

We’ve always tried to make the parenting journey easier and a little more fun. The feedback and interaction with our viewers — whether parents, parents-to-be, TTC-ers, grandparents — over the years has been fantastic and we wish all of you the best moving forward.

Forum members and moderators

One of the reasons the Bub Hub has been so useful is the direct (honest) feedback parents and parents-to-be have been able to get from others in our forum.

The forum has provided a wealth of information on almost every conceivable parenting topic, it’s been a place anyone could go for advice and to understand that their current ‘parenting emergency’ has been around for a long time and that there’s no need to panic.

It’s been a place for virtual support.

The main reason our forum is a safe place is down to our forum managers and volunteer moderators who over the years have kept the Bub Hub forum a safe place for opinions to be shared and advice to be obtained. There have been lifelong friendships formed between our moderators and we love that.

We know our forum has helped countless people over the years and we sincerely regret that the service will be stopping on July 22.


For the first few years it was just Hilary and I, but we’ve had lots of staff since then and all have contributed to some extent to make the site a success. Thanks to our tech guys Jimmy, Barry, Ernie and Taylor, our sales staff Renee, Maddie, Emma, Daniel, Danella, Rachel and Charlotte, our office administrators, Kathryn, Kerri, Amber, Jamie-Leigh, Naomi, Cat and Belinda, our forum managers Rachel, Jenny, Julie, Nicole and Julie and our content editors/PR Rebecca, Jodie and Laura.Plus social media gals Philippa, Kelly and Brittany.

In particular we would like to thank our fantastic editor, Rebecca Galton, who is still with us and has been the Bub Hub editor for almost 10 years.

We will miss you all and wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

Blog and article contributors.

Over the years the Bub Hub has sent thousands of eNewsletters containing articles and blog posts on all the stages of the parenting journey.

We’ve worked with many industry leaders to get the most accurate information on important parenting issues. Something we recently did again to provide information on Covid-19 to our parents and parents-to-be.

We’ve also been honoured to run contributions from well-known parenting educators, authors and commentators as well as regular mums and dads who’ve chosen to share their stories and experiences with us.

We would like to thank all those that have contributed to this wealth of parenting information.

Advertisers and supporters.

The Bub Hub has always earned it’s income from advertising on the site, we’ve never sold products directly so, until the recent downturn in online advertising income, that allowed us to keep the site running. This downturn has contributed significantly to our decision to pass on the site to an organisation keen to engage the 132,000+ unique visitors that we get every month.

We tried very hard to provide good returns on any online spend and we worked with hundreds of small businesses, companies, non-profits, agencies, universities, hospitals and government departments of all shapes and sizes.

These were the institutions that supported us through advertising and allowed us to bring the Bub Hub to parents for so long. We thank you all for your support.


Hilary Lauder is the brains behind the Bub Hub. She is the mother of three kids (who are so far looking very capable). And she is my lovely wife.

Hilary built the site from a HTML text book, which is still on her desk, and did all the updates manually for the first 4-5 years before we moved to a database driven system.

Hilary is the reason hundreds of thousands of parents every year have had the information they’ve need to make the parenting journey easier and more enjoyable.

She has won a few awards for her work over the years (even got invited to meet the Prime Minister at Government House) and she deserves all those accolades (and many more in my opinion) for the work she has done to help mums and dads.

I am only sorry I could not secure an organisation to take on the Bub Hub website to keep our legacy going to help more parents into the future.

While it’s a sad way to finish, we will remember the good we did through the Bub Hub and the multitude of people who benefited because of the But Hub. We have had a great time over the past 19+ years and we are looking forward to the next chapter in our journey, whatever that may be.

So we want to wish everyone the very best and remind you one last time that every parenting journey is different. Take the advice that works for you and ignore everything else!


Brad Lauder, is about to turn 50 and has spent almost 20 years working from home with his wife creating a great business, raising a family and helping thousands of parents and businesses. He is one lucky so-and-so. 

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16 Comments so far -
  • Serenity Body Casting - Paula says:

    Hope you still have your belly mask after all these years of being an inspirational mum glad to hear there is hope in the wind. I still also have people contacting me about Oliver’s Birth story that you featured over 14years who
    Go team Brad!!

  • Vedanta from Yoganatal.com.au says:

    Thank you Brad and Hilary for your great service to families for all these years you will be missed. Sad that you can not find someone to take over the organisation. Have you tried contacting some of the regional groups for example we have the Canberra Baby Directory here in the ACT (contact Anne Endres), they may be able to offer some continuity for those services that you will no longer be able to support with your website.

    All the very best for your future ventures

  • Amy - The FITMUMS Physio says:

    You should be very proud of the fantastic community that BubHub has created.

    I would often send my pre and post natal mums to your site as a useful resource for them to connect with other parents, and it is sad to hear that your site is coming to a close.

    Best of luck on your new adventure, and thank you again!

  • Kitrina Scott-Davies says:

    To Brad, Hillary and the Bub Hub team, wishing all the very best for the future. You all have touch so many lives and your support will always be remembered.

    I also wanted to mention that Brad on top of your work in Bub Hum you have also given so much to Waterpolo and many other sporting institutes – your support has been unconditional and I know that you have also over the years supported many many children in their sport but also the parents.

    You an Hillary are diamonds in the rough and always will be. All the very best to you both, your family and your amazing Bub Hub team.

  • Jo-anne.36 and Jojo says:

    Oh this is so sad as I have been member for 16 years had so much support and met many people who have gone on the have their family unfortunately for me I’m still waiting,
    But I do wish all you and family well
    Thank you for being the making of B&H

    • Hi Jojo!

      Thanks for reading and thanks for taking the time to comment. We are glad to hear that you’ve found support here at the Bub Hub and hope some of the connections you’ve made continue once we are gone. Take care. All the best for the future. xx

  • Amanda (lilbabysteps) says:

    This is very sad:( this site was the only place I had while TTC and then when I was placed on bed rest with my high risk twins. I will never forget the support, kindness and connections I have been lucky enough to experience from this site.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart and best wishes for your future beyond bub hub

    • Hi Amanda! Thanks for reading and thanks for taking the time to write such a nice comment.

      We are so happy that you found support and kindness here during that time of your life. All the best for the future. xx

  • Jen says:

    Very sad to hear but wishing you all the very best. I found so many supportive forums on this page when I was TTC my first child through IVF over 5 years ago, it really helped my journey speaking to other women. Thank you for creating a wonderful community xx

    • Hi Jen,

      Thanks for reading and thanks for taking the time to comment. We are always happy to hear that you found a supportive place here at the BubHub. All the best for the future xx

  • squeekums says:

    oh wow, very sad. This place was a savior 10 years ago when i found out i was pregnant at 27 weeks, so much useful info

    • Hi Squeekums,

      Thanks for reading and thanks for taking the time to comment. It is always nice to hear that we helped another parent find their way through all the craziness. All the best for the future. xx

  • Shrillian says:

    How very sad! My 3.5 year TTC journey was made much easier through my ability to come here and get support, ideas and have a place to vent or cry when things weren’t looking good. It allowed me to express my joy when we finally had our rainbow baby.

    Thank you for creating this beautiful place for us and wishing you all well in the future.

    • Hi Shrillian,

      Thanks for reading and thanks for taking the time to comment. We always feel very humbled when hear that we may have played a small part in helping someone along in the TTC journey. That particular forum section was very supportive and it is extremely sad that we could not continue. All the best for the future. xx

  • Laned says:

    Wow, we have met life long friends thanks to Bub Hub. Thank you for the support and for helping me realise my dream of motherhood.

    Much love and the very best of wishes to you all. Xxx

    • Hi Laned,

      Thanks for reading and thanks for taking the time to comment. It is very humbling to hear that we may have played a small part in your story. All the best for the future. xx

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