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Why six is the best age … so far

Is six the best age?Some people have favourite numbers or lucky numbers, a special anniversary or a birth date, well today I am talking about a favourite age, and it has to be 6!

After my daughter was born, every day was an adventure — a ‘sleep-deprived, soggy breast pad’ type of adventure, but an adventure all the same!. Weeks turned into months, months turned into years and milestones were reached and conquered.

Looking back on the past six years I notice I’ve had favourite ages.

As the 1st and 2nd birthdays flew by I started noting these favourite ages.

I will have to be brutally honest here and I say — with sincere love and clarity — that ages two and three were … well let’s just say, challenging! Enjoyable? Yes, a lot more wine ingested? Yes Yes!

Let’s start with age one: Well the best bit of having a one-year-old was not having to count months on my fingers every time someone asked her age, bonus! (I was running out of fingers!)

Age two: Hmm … getting interesting, moments of wondering ‘was that attitude or is she being cute?’ and ‘she couldn’t possibly be smart enough to outsmart me yet? Could she?’.

Age three: There is a grey area between two and three, it was the ‘mama is putting me to bed earlier than normal in the evenings and seems to have teeth permanently clenched’ period. I think things improved after the third birthday, phew! This age was sweetened by throwing out the nappies, yeehaw!

Age four: Wow! We can chat; I mean proper chats, like mates! We can eat out without fear of embarrassment, the tantrums are few and far between and I am enjoying my little mate’s sense of humour, an example; “I’m bored mum … a chopping board!” followed by fits of laughter.

Age five: Training wheels are off! (Quite literally, we took them off, tantrums returned on that particular day, oops!)

Now my favourite, the one I have been leading up to, the big number six!

My little girl, you are six! You can read (watch those text messages)! And use technology (again, watch those emails)! You can Google things (better than we can!) you can interact with people in your own way, you have a real personality that shines through!

You can be caring without being told to be, you can do special things for people which you thought up all by yourself, you can be the one to cheer me up when I’m not feeling cheery, you can be my bestest friend in the whole world every day.

So you see six is amazing! Sixtabulous! Sixtastic!

The last number on the dice and definitely the luckiest and my all-time favourite, well, until seven …

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