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Mother gives birth in car at hospital entrance

“Quite calm” were the words used to describe Brisbane mother Madhavi Leuke Bandara after she delivered her baby boy in the passenger seat of the family car, right at the entrance of the Mater Mothers’ Hospital in Brisbane.

Midwives Marine Pacquier, Carrie Simpson, and Gabby Rowsell were first on the scene to assist the second-time mum and her husband Shyam when it was clear their baby had no plans to wait until they were inside.

Madhavi’s labour had began at 6am on January 20 and her waters had broken just before she got into the car at home. The couple quickly dropped their daughter, Buvi, at day care and began their journey to the hospital.

But their baby—who was five days overdue—had decided the wait was well and truly over. He was born at 8.44am and weighed 3.6kg.

“It was a quick labour, about 2.5 hours,” Madhavi said.

“It all happened so quickly and before I knew it my husband actually caught the baby in the front passenger seat.

“He was overdue—we were expecting him on 16 January but we are incredibly happy he is OK.”

Madhavi said her husband was initially shocked when she started to deliver the baby in the car, but Mater Clinical Midwife Marine Pacquier, one of the first on the scene, said Madhavi was “quite calm”.

“The baby was already out when we got there,” Ms Pacquier said.

“Her husband actually had quite a few tears once he knew everything was OK.”

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