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Make a paper necklace from your child’s artwork

make necklace from childs artWhen I received artwork from the beautiful Ruby and Jess for my Repurpose Art Challenge, I initially had another project in mind.

But, after looking at the colours, I decided to make some beautiful beads and turn these into a necklace that their mum can wear (if the girls let her!). I think being able to say, “It’s my twin girls artwork!” when someone says… “I love that necklace!” will be pretty cool. Let’s hope they think the same.

Here’s how I did it.

You will need:

  • Artwork
  • Access to a computer and printer
  • Skewers
  • Mod podge
  • Paintbrush
  • Ruler
  • Scalpel
  • Pen
  • 5m white cord (thin enough to fit the diameter of your skewers)

These were the original artworks. Gorgeous… I love Ruby’s Turtle (the blue one), the girl butterflies with eyelashes and Jess’ beautiful garden and that cute, green fairy.

make a necklace from children art

I enlarged a few of these to get the maximum effect of the colours. Then printed out my “new paper”. I used 2  x A4 pages for each necklace. The paper was normal 80gsm copy paper, I also used 200gsm card I had, to make a few larger ones.

make a necklace from childrens art

I marked 2cm intervals on both ends of the pages and then used my scalpel to cut into long arrow shapes, (cutting from one point to every second point on the opposite side). Be sure to use the longer side so your beads are thick enough.

make necklace from childs artwork

In total, to make 4 necklaces I printed off 8 x A4 pages. (Blue turtle x 4 and one each of the other pics)

Then the fun bit, it’s time to twist onto the skewers. Add Mod Podge at the end to secure, and brush generously, all over, to ensure a glossy finish and ends are stuck down securely.

make necklace from childs art

Once finished, I stuck all my skewers into an apple so they could dry.

Making each one was a surprise to see what pattern they made. My tip: twist evenly so the point stays in the middle.

Then I threaded the beads onto some thin cord from my local haberdashery shop, (it’s the cord they use for roman blind making). I bought 5m which was ample for 4 necklaces. And fastened with a knot once all threaded.

make necklace from child artwork


Love the colours and the Mod Podge has done it’s job, they’re all shiny and protected.

make necklace from childs artwork

What do you think? I love them… I hope Ruby and Jess do too! Thanks for being a part of the Repurpose Art Challenge girls!

Why not try making one yourself? I’d love to see your necklaces.

Want to be a part the Repurpose Art Challenge? I could repurpose your child’s art into something new.

Stay tuned, I have more projects in the works…

Live with Love,

Sarah Preston

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