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21 lunchbox hints and tips

It’s that time again – time to start packing the kids’ lunchboxes ready for school every day.

When they go back to school, you can get away with some golden oldies when it comes to food ideas, but pretty soon they’ll realise they’ve had the same few things for a few days, and then you’ve got to find something fresh and new!

Check out what our forum members give their kids – and take a few hints and tips for yourself!

For the “sandwich” or “main” item

  • a sandwich, bread roll, or wrap (tried and tested) – you can change up the fillings between a spread, meat and salad, plain salad, cheese and salad, or anything else you can think of! Be wary as some fillings don’t go well with some weather-types though.

sandwich wrap

  • brown rice with veggies and/or meat
  • cheese and crackers
  • quiche – mini ones are always cute, or a slice of leftovers from dinner

mini quiches

  • rice cakes with a topping – whether that’s a spread, or other sandwich type toppings
  • pasta – leftovers, or a special batch for lunches
  • a salad – make sure it’s packed with a variety of veggies and cheese or meat
  • home-made sausage rolls – easy to hide some veggies in for fussy eaters

sausage rolles

  • pizza – again, either cute mini ones on muffins, or leftovers home-made pizza from dinner
  • sushi – can be a cool departure from the norm, just make sure it’s not too hot to stay safe


For snacks

  • veggie sticks with or without a dip like hommus or another healthy one

veggies sticks and dip

  • home-made healthy muffins/slices/cakes/breads – easy to hide veggies in here too
  • fruit – in whole pieces or in a fruit salad
  • yoghurt – be careful of the container you use (spills can get very messy) , and how hot it’s likely to get before eating
  • healthy muesli bars – be careful what is included in the shop-bought ones

muesli bars

  • smaller serve of cheese and crackers – mix it up with different cheeses and different crackers
  • pikelets – these don’t always need spreads or toppings, but you can add whatever your child likes
  • boiled eggs

boiled eggs

  • trail mix – with nuts, sultanas, other dried fruit – make it up as you go
  • Air popped popcorn in a little zip lock bag
  • a little, naughty, treat – a little chocolate, a sweet biscuit, or packet of chips. This won’t hurt as long as they know to eat the healthy stuff first.

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