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Last days before school starts

Back to school written on a chalkboard with stationery around itLast days before school starts.

There can be mixed emotions right now, during these last days.

School Starting Soon signs have been everywhere since the Boxing Day Sales it seems. How are the adults going?

In my twitter feed I notice many 140 character-tweets with the words tweeted by parents “nearly over” and “when’s school back?”

Then I see in that same feed the teacher and educator tweets posting “back at school today” and “getting ready for Day One”.

So, it’s a mixed bag. For one group who love their children dearly, they’re saying “it’s time”. Time for:

  • routine again
  • mornings where everyone is up to eat (or take with them) breakfast
  • a day ahead with learning, socialising and using energy. At school!

The teachers, and I write with certainty as both a parent/grandparent and teacher/principal, will find something above that applies to them too.

How are the children? Are there mixed emotions?

Are any of these familiar?

  • Over-tired = Overly emotional
  • Over-stimulated = Over ….whatever activity/experience has occurred
  • Over-whelmed = Over being asked about “going back to school? Perhaps.
Adding this time of year in Australia to the mix – from some of the hottest weather across the country, to the storms threatening Queensland, to the bushfires which continue every year… It means it’s a time of less tolerance, more anger, and fewer ways of dealing with these mixed emotions.

My words of advice are from personal and professional experience.

In the last days before school starts I suggest:

  • a routine that commences with regular bedtimes (again) and regular rising (again)
  • minimise discussions about “school” and “I wonder who you will have as a teacher”
  • not rushing anywhere that is not necessary and taking time for ‘screen-free’ family chats
  • ensuring that uniforms, books, bags, and so on are in good order (I know that probably means another trip to the shops and buying the dreaded contact!)
  • trying on shoes and socks for a practice wear around the house – not just for new kids – most kids’ feet will not have been encased for some time
  • keeping extra-curricula activities other than those necessary for the first term’s afternoons/mornings to a minimum. Learn to swim is a definite one to continue.

Before you know it, adults and kids, it will be Easter and you know what that means!

Enjoy these last days before school starts and the kids go back to school. I wish you all wonderful weeks ahead.

About Denyse Whelan

Denyse Whelan B.Ed M.Ed is a passionate retired K-6 educator. She loves sharing her knowledge gleaned over more than four decades via her blog called Denyse Whelan Blogs. Denyse has been a K-6 teacher, deputy ...

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