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6 tips to keep your child’s lunchbox safe

Healthy school kids lunchboxIt only takes a few moments in the wrong temperature to have your child’s lunch turn yucky, and potentially harmful.

It is important to keep everything in your child’s lunchbox as cool and fresh as possible while they are at school – even if that particular food won’t necessarily go bad, it will still taste better if kept cool.

You should remember that kids have less developed immune systems, so food that might be okay for us to eat can affect them differently, and potentially make them sick when we would be fine.

Here are six quick tips to ensure your child’s lunch stays safe and yummy until lunchtime.

6 tips to keep your child’s lunchbox safe

  1. Cold foods need to stay cold – buy an ice cooler brick and an insulated lunchbox to keep the food cool until lunchtime.
  2. Freeze water bottles, or other drinks, and pack them with the food. The water or drinks will be drinkable by lunchtime, but will still be cold enough to keep the food cold.
  3. Some foods are safe to send without an ice cooler brick; these include whole fruits, vegetables, hard cheeses, meat and fish in cans, bread, crackers, and some spreads. Keeping these foods cool anyway can make them more appealing to kids, though.
  4. Ask your child to keep their bag away from direct sunlight and away from heat sources before lunchtime. A cool, dark place is best to keep their lunch safe. Their teacher should be able to help with this if the normal place their bags go isn’t already out of the sun.
  5. If their lunch is made the night before, keep it in the fridge overnight to make sure it still tastes great by lunchtime.
  6. If you are including last night’s leftover dinner as lunch the next day, ensure the food was stored safely and correctly overnight, and is still fresh in the morning.

With these tips, lunchtime should be delicious and safe for your kids. Check out more tips and find great info in our Back to School Hub.

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