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Is your bedtime routine ‘perfect’ or like this … ?

children perfect bedtime routineLately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the ‘perfect parent’. The perfect parent is everywhere.

You’ll find the perfect parent in TV ads. She’s the mum wiping her house free of all microorganisms. He’s the dad patiently teaching his four-year-old to ride a bike.

You’ll see many perfect parents on Instagram and Facebook. They’re the ones baking biscuits on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Or relaxing on the beach while their little ones build sandcastles. They don’t cut sandwiches into squares or triangles — they make them into fun animal shapes.

But the weird thing about perfect parents is that even though they are everywhere they don’t actually exist.

No one is perfect. Sorry.

You can certainly have ‘perfect’ moments.

I bake with my children and it IS fun but then they whinge for the entire 35 minutes that the cake is in the oven. I wouldn’t share that on Facebook. I love taking my kids to the beach but the baby just eats the sand and it becomes exhausting trying to stop her devouring fistful after fistful. Once I made a sandwich look like a house and my 2YO cried because it didn’t have a door. I took a big bite out of it — “now there’s a door”. She cried louder. She wanted that bite back.

Of course we should all try to be good parents, even great ones, but there’s no point trying to be something that is impossible.

That’s why, after we came up with the idea of creating these beautiful bedtime routine printables for the site, I also decided to design my own inspirational wall art. It is just as beautiful but it doesn’t make me feel bad when my life isn’t ‘Pinterest-worthy’.

Sometimes our bedtime routine is like the first poster below, but more often it’s a version of the second.

The perfect bedtime routine

  perfect bedtime routine beautiful poster

Bedtime at my house …

This is my more realistic poster. It is based on my own bedtime chaos – which I won’t call  a ‘routine’ even though bedtime is routinely chaotic in my house!.

Does this sound more like it? This is based on real events. You couldn’t make this stuff up!

realistic bedtime routine children


You can download our Perfect Bedtime Routine printable in Blue and Pink.

Image credit: Prometeus/123RF Stock Photo

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Rebecca is the Bub Hub’s content editor. She is also parent to three growing children. In her spare time she … who are we kidding, she has no spare time! In the years BC (before children), Rebecca was content ...

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4 Comments so far -
  • Maureen says:

    Thank you for this blog, I laughed out loud several times especially about the house shaped food that didn’t please. Sometimes nothing seems to work but that doesn’t mean we are bad parents. I think the best thing we can do is give ourselves a break and accept those moments that are difficult and enjoy the ones that feel ‘perfect’.

    • Thanks for your reply Maureen. I think I’m finally learning this after three kids. Once I built an awesome (well, I thought so) dinosaur out of Duplo and all the boy could say was “it doesn’t have teeth!”. – Rebecca

  • Holly Easterby says:

    Definitely there is no perfect parent. Perfect parents don’t exist. We don’t have to be perfect, just the best and deserving prefect our children could have. Reading articles like this can help us to be a better parent to our kids.

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