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Is technology making life easier for school parents?

School children using technologyIt just took me a day and a half to sign a permission slip so my son could compete in his first school athletics carnival.

I’m not a slow writer. It wasn’t my handwriting that let me down. It was the fact that the permission slip was online.

My son is in prep so I’m only a term and a half into this whole ‘school’ thing but I’ve already realised things have changed a WHOLE lot since I went to school.

Back then, my mother just had to scribble her signature on the bottom of a no-doubt crumpled piece of paper shoved in the bottom of my page.

But not these days.

I had to go to the school website, sign into the Parent Lounge, realise I’d forgotten how to sign into the Parent Lounge, wait until the next afternoon to ask some parents after school, realise they didn’t really know either and ask the teacher instead. Luckily she could tell me the default password that I was still able to use, and then I was able to log on later at home.

After a few failed attempts at deciphering some tricky Captcha puzzles I was able to read and sign the appropriate documents. And change my password to something I’d remember next time.

Next time it won’t be so hard.

In fact, it will probably be easier than digging through a dirty school bag for crumbled up bits of paper.

So, is technology making school easier or harder for parents? So far, for me, not so easy. But once I settle in to school life I’m sure it will become much simpler.

Plus, I have a lot of time to settle in—I just worked out that my youngest will graduate in 2031!

So here are 5 reasons technology is making school easier for me as a parent

  1. Notes home are (or will be now I know the password) easy to find, never lost and never covered in old food.
  2. I can read the school newsletter on my phone. And when my son is mentioned in it, I can easily take a screenshot and keep it forever.
  3. My son’s teacher is wonderfully computer literate so when I’ve had to keep him home, all I’ve had to do is email her from my phone and she replies immediately. No phoning the school, no writing a note the next day. No teenagers forging notes the next day (just thinking about the future benefits as well!)
  4. My son’s teacher has uploaded a heap of amazing resources for parents to a shared site so we can all access great games and tools to help enhance our children’s learning.
  5. I never have to have cash! I’ve paid for book club orders, school photos and school fees all online. No more popping cash in envelopes in school bags!

Just as long as I remember my passwords of course!

– by Rebecca Galton

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  • Toy Wholesale Australia says:

    Thanks for your valuable information .

    • Anna says:

      I’m of the belief that technology has destroyed our children’s ability to learn properly. For instance (my kids go to the most expensive and supposedly best school around), my son is 9. He doesn’t know any ANY of his times tables. Why? Apparently it is humiliating for the children to “rote” learn. I did it and I am a Chemist. He also cannot spell. I am at the point where I am going to take the kids out of school completely and home school them. On paper. Out loud.

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