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How giving birth to multiples can change your sex life

How multiples change your sex lifeAfter giving birth to twins or triplets there is a lot in your life that will change. And I’m not just talking about your new level of tiredness!

The day-to-day routines that you had in place will change, your career may be put on hold and the relationships that you have with different people may be altered due to your new priorities.

Another area of your life that may change after giving birth to multiples is your sex life.

It’s probably not something that is on the top of your mind or the front of your priorities list in the early weeks and months after having your babies, but it is something that will come up between you and your partner. It’s important that you’re open with your partner about how you’re feeling and honest about whether you want to have sex again yet or not.

Your sex life can change after giving birth to multiples and it can take time to get back into the routines that you had before falling pregnant or at times it may not go back to how it was and a new routine set.

There are a number of reasons why sex after multiples may be different to before.

4 ways giving birth to multiples can change your sex life

Lower sex drive

Many women will notice that after giving birth that their sex drive is lower than it was before. This is completely normal and can happen due to your hormones still being up and down from being pregnant and giving birth.

It can sometimes take months for a women’s hormones to go back to normal and if after this time you still feel like your sex drive is not what it use to be, and you would like it to be you can speak to your doctor about different natural ways to increase it again.


Multiples are exhausting. It is that simple. Which means you may not have the energy to be getting back into the bedroom.

The first few months after having your babies may be filled with nights of little to no sleep, hours spent trying to get into a routine and trying to keep on top of everything going on. It can be as simple as you do not have the time or energy to want to have sex.


Another reason that some women put off having sex again after multiples or feel that it is different after giving birth is due to their self-confidence.

Your body has gone through a lot of changes over the past year and it can take a toll on how you feel about yourself when you look in the mirror.

This can cause someone to not want to be open and exposed in the bedroom or it can make you feel uncomfortable during sex as you are concerned about how you look towards your partner. These feelings are very normal and it is important to talk to your partner about how you are feeling.

Bodily changes

We all know that labour is a hard task to go through. Whether you give birth naturally or via c-section it still takes a big toll on your body and it can take time for it to heal and feel normal again.

It is important not to rush into anything and give your body adequate time to heal so that you are not experiencing pain or discomfort during sex with your partner.

Waiting until after your 6-week check-up is ideal so that your doctor can assess your healing both physically and emotionally and give you the all clear. Even if you receive the all clear from your doctor, it does not mean you have to start straight away. Take your time and if at any point you are in a lot of pain, stop and wait.

Sex after twins or triplets can seem scary at first, especially if it is your first time giving birth. It is important that you speak with your partner, communicate how you are feeling both physically and emotionally and let them know if you are not ready to get back in the sack.

Sex is a very personal and intimate time and it is something that both parties need to be ready for and comfortable with. Take your time and enjoy exploring and getting back into it when you are ready.

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