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Gift ideas for kids of all ages

Group of kids of different ages unwrapping presents at the parkDoes your niece or nephew have a birthday fast approaching? Or are you unsure of what present to buy your child for Christmas or their birthday?

Whatever the reason or occasion, choosing interesting gifts for kids can be somewhat of a challenge, though it doesn’t have to be when you consider a few important factors.

Little children are constantly looking for new and exciting playthings. They’re constantly changing and developing. It’s important to choose a gift that will reflect his or her personality and interests, while keeping the child interested and challenged.

Something educational yet fun is always a safe bet. Little kids love toys that move, or let them engage in some type of activity. Keep this in mind when choosing a gift.

When in doubt, why not choose a surefire gift you can’t go wrong with? Kids’ clothing is practical for any age. Printed T-shirts make wonderful gifts for boys and girls alike. You can even have the shirts customised with a child’s name or initials. Choose his or her favourite colour or colours and you can’t go wrong.

Let’s assume you want to give a child something he or she can have fun with while encouraging creativity and free thinking. Craft project kits make great gifts for kids of all ages. For toddlers and pre-school aged kids, choose something they can make from clay. Finger paints are fun for very young children as well.

Kids love music, and they’ll love a drum set or toy guitar. Musical keyboards with a colour coding system is another cool idea.

Doodling toys are fun for pre-school and school-aged children alike. Some kids are naturally artistic and creative. For these types of children, an art set would be ideal. Colourful markers, paints, and drawing paper will keep your child entertained for hours. How about an art easel? A storage chest to store all your child’s favourite toys in is both practical and fun because it can double as a bench.

Speaking of benches, little kids would love a toy workshop bench and play tools. They’ll feel so grown up as they imitate mum or dad. And for the more food-oriented kids, play kitchen sets are so much fun.

A playhouse is sure to be appreciated. You’ll find princess castle designs, pirate ship designs, and many others. To complement that theme, how about a role-playing costume set? Choose prince and princess costumes to suit the castle, or pirates to suit the ship, even superheroes! it’s a great way to inspire creativity in young children.

Buying gifts for older children takes just a little more thought and imagination. Older kids love their music and video games. A gift card to a digital music download website is something a teenager or pre-teen would probably enjoy. Older boys and girls also love clothing.

Sports-themed gifts are another great idea for older kids. Cricket and football gear, soccer gear or tennis gear are a few favourites. Think of the child’s interests and it should be easy to figure out what type of sports toy or accessory to buy.

For a child who wants to learn about science, a microscope or telescope would be the perfect gift idea. It’s educational and fascinating at the same time. If you’re buying a microscope for the budding scientist, consider topping it off with a set of prepared specimen slides. You can find these at a scientific store or at a children’s educational toy store.


– this article was kindly supplied by Bob Gorman

Image credit: karimala/123RF Stock Photo

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