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3 easy ways YOU can have fun with the kids

As children we know no fear. We play. We create. We laugh.

Rarely does a child think of what they should be doing instead of having fun.

Fun is their main aim every day. From playing with friends to going on outings with the family, everything is centered around having fun.

Unfortunately, as adults we take on responsibilities but we forget to add the fun into our day.

We stop believing in magical things, we stifle our creativity and we leave our need for fun tucked away inside us.

One of the greatest gifts you can give your children is to have fun with them. Don’t be too busy working or cleaning that you forget to just let your hair down and have some fun.

Here are three easy and inexpensive ways to have fun with the kids and reignite the fun part of your soul:

1. Bubbles – who doesn’t love bubbles!

Grab a few cheap bubble wands from a department store or the local $2 shop. They are inexpensive and come in all shapes and sizes. Spend some time on a sunny day, outside blowing bubbles with the kids. See who can make their bubble fly the highest, who can blow the biggest bubble and who can keep their bubble alive the longest.

2. Sandcastles!

If you live near the beach or have a sandpit in the backyard – get the kids involved and build the biggest sand castle you can. Let your imagination run free and create all the fun things like moats and towers that you did when you were a kid.

3. Get Messy!

Yes an adult’s nightmare is every child’s dream – get messy. Make your own paints or buy some cheap water based ones and spend some time outside with the kids just painting.  You don’t have to paint anything in particular – just paint  Paint a mural on the fence with everyone getting their own section, paint some rocks for the garden or just paint the grass. It will all wash off in the next downpour so let your creative side shine and have fun with the kids.


Kids are only kids for a very short time – teach them how to keep their inner child alive even when they become adults (you might just learn something along the way).

Check our Things to Do with Kids Hub for more ideas!

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