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Free Easter colouring-in sheets for the kids

Children doing some colouring-in to entertain themselves in the school holidaysAre your kids looking for some fun Easter activities?

Unleash their creative side by downloading and printing out our free Easter colouring-in sheets or Easter puzzles!

We have a few Easter colouring sheets to choose from—from a simple jumping bunny to a series of different patterned Easter eggs. You could even print out a few to make some Easter decorations or to stick on to an Easter basket.

Click on the image or images (below) to access the large PDF files.

Then it is as easy as printing them out and colouring them in! Enjoy and have a very happy Easter!

Easter colouring in activity sheets for childrenEaster colouring in activity sheets for childrenEaster colouring in activity sheets for childrenEaster colouring in activity sheets for childrenHow Many ChicksEaster Bunny Holding EggsEaster MazeEaster Eggs FlowersEaster Dot-To-DotEaster Eggs DesignsChick Holding Easter BalloonsButterfly On Easter Hamper

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