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DIY: How to fix drawers that sag

Sagging DrawerI’m taking off my parenting hat this week and putting on my DIY hat.

Of course these aren’t ‘real’ hats … I’m indoors much of the time and I’m not really a ‘hat person’ anyway. Not sure why I brought it up in the first place now …

So, this DIY project is KIND OF parenting related. I’m sure I’m not the only parent out there who has bought a cheap chest of drawers when faced with an overflow of children’s clothing and no where to put it.

And I’m certain I’m not the only one who has dared put more than the recommended 20kg of weight in those drawers only to have the bottoms fall out of them … saggy drawers, not a good look.

So after much head-scratching (which wouldn’t have been easy if I was a ‘hat person’) I came up with a way to fix the broken drawers in our cheap furniture.

Here’s how we did it (and it is working so far!)

You’ll need: a drill, screws, two metal braces/brackets per drawer, a length of timber (and a saw if you can’t get it cut to size in the hardware shop).

how to fix drawers that sagSTEP ONE

Measure the width of the drawer and cut a piece of timber to fit underneath. Make sure that the timber isn’t higher than the lowest part of the drawer – you don’t want it stopping the drawer fitting back in its place.


Turn the drawer on its side and place the timber underneath the drawer and the brackets on the inside of the drawer. You will need four hands – or another person – to help you with this.


Drill the brace from the inside of the drawer down into the timber beneath. Make sure you get advice on the best screws to use. Make sure you’ve measured the width of the front of the drawer as you don’t want the screws to go right through the timber and ruin the front of the drawers. Most drawers are 15mm thick at the front but one set we had were smaller than this so we need 12mm screws.


Put your kids clothes back in and enjoy the fact that your drawers now close properly and don’t fall to pieces every time you open them.


Hope this helps fix any broken drawers you have at your house!


Updated May 2014

About Rebecca Galton

Rebecca is the Bub Hub’s content editor. She is also parent to three growing children. In her spare time she … who are we kidding, she has no spare time! In the years BC (before children), Rebecca was content ...

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13 Comments so far -
  • Julia says:

    Hi Rebecca! Great fix! This might be a bit of an odd question, I have a dresser with the same yellow lining and I’ve been trying to figure out which dresser it is. I believe it is Ikea but not 100% sure, do you happen to know which dresser this is? I know it’s been a long time so no worries if you don’t remember.

  • Marie says:

    Hello Rebecca, Your ideas are fabulous! Any idea on how to keep draws on their rollers, mine won’t stay up on the rollers. Thank you so much for your time and consideration! 🙂


  • Benny J Kirksey says:

    About three years ago, I used a similar process to fix a kitchen drawer whose front came off except I omitted the support piece underneath in the center and used only the L brackets. To date it works great.

  • gale says:

    This worked perfectly for a drawer in my craft room that’s holding more weight than it’s meant to. I didn’t have 2 extra hands so I used masking tape to temporarily affix the board to the bottom . No problems whatsoever. thank you!

  • Myra says:

    This idea worked out great! My sister and I just finished. After rereading the post I realize we were supposed to place the wood in the bottom first, but it turned out great anyway! Thanks for the post!

  • Kristin says:

    This is absolutely brilliant. I have those exact drawers and have puzzled over how to fix them for over a year. Thanks for posting this!

    • Hi Kristin! No worries! Happy to help. Must be more than two years ago now that we did that to our drawers and they are still going strong! What a pain it used to be – every time we’d open them the bottom would fall out!!!! All the best and thanks for your comment xx

  • Sycochick says:

    I had completely blown out the bottoms of my dresser drawers. Your DIY was a great and real easy to do. I will be doing my son’s dresser drawers next. Thank you.

  • Paul says:

    Tried this today and it worked great! Thanks!

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