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5 ways you’ve succeeded as a mum today

Happy girl hugging her motherThere is so much pressure and expectation when you become a parent. We are bombarded with information on a daily basis on how to act, react and provide for our bundle of joy. It’s so confusing and overwhelming – one minute you are on cloud nine feeling like you are conquering motherhood and the next you feel like rocking in the corner, counting down the hours until bedtime.

From the moment you step out of the maternity ward, the world wants to know how you are coping, how much sleep you are getting and whether this new edition to your life is filling you from head-to-toe with joy.

But let’s be real for one single moment, let’s pretend our friends and family aren’t listening and we can be completely honest with each other. Some days you feel like you have hit the jackpot. You ooze love and appreciation for your little one, in awe of this precious human being you have created. And then there are those days, where time just can’t go quick enough.

But from one mother to the next, I’m here to tell you, you are doing a fantastic job. Whether you are still in your PJs at midday, using morning television as your go-to babysitter and smelling like you haven’t had a shower in days- you are amazing and succeeding in every way possible. You may not be following the so-called mum textbook — but really who is?

Here are five ways you are succeeding and doing a kickass job for your little one.

5 ways you’ve succeeded as a mum today, without even knowing it

1. You got out of bed this morning.

Yep, sounds so easy, but you could have crawled under the blanket, closed the blinds and hidden in the darkness. But you didn’t, you pulled your tired body out of bed, put your feet on the floor, ready to face another day — well done!

2. You put someone else’s needs before your own.

Being a mum, is the most selfless job in the world. Some days you get no thanks at all. You are all doing the most selfless job, doing the best you can for your child, providing them with the best life, one way or another.

This simple act of selflessness could be getting their breakfast before your own, making sure they have their tummy filled while you drag yourself around the kitchen in a tired haze.

3. You gave your child a kiss and a hug.

You may not smother your child with kisses and hugs every single day minute of the day, but a single kiss and warm embrace is letting your little one know they are loved, appreciated and that no matter what’s happening around them, you are their safety net.

Such a simple act, but so powerful to a tiny human being.

4. You did something for yourself today.

A happy mummy, makes a happier home environment for a child. Seriously, it’s OK if you turned the TV on today and let the box entertain your child, while you take even five minutes to drink a hot cup of coffee.

Taking the time for yourself, means you are maintaining a little piece of you, you feel a little relaxed in that moment and can then conquer the world, well once the caffeine kicks in.

5. After a long exhausting day, you can pat yourself on the back, you survived.

A tiny milestone, but a big one all the same. You got through the day fairly unscathed, the kids are fed and really all is well in the world. Some days feel like Groundhog Day and others are more exciting than the next.

But don’t forget, superheroes don’t have to wear capes.

You are superwoman in the eyes of your little one, even if they don’t tell you, or have the words to express it.

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The power of words and the creativity it fosters, is the very reason Kerryn became a writer. From an extensive career in journalism to now running after a toddler, life is a lot more scheduled than spontaneous, a lot ...

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