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COVID-19: Activities for preschool kids (and toddlers too!)

Quarantine COVID-19 activities for children preschool kindy and toddlersHere at the Bub Hub we’ve always made it our aim to provide sensible, practical and up-to-date advice to parents and parents-to-be so they can make informed decisions when it comes to fertility, pregnancy, and raising children.

Now, more than ever before, parents need a clear voice amid the confusion. And with that in mind, we’ve consulted a range of experts to discuss the only thing many of us are thinking about at the moment — the coronavirus or COVID-19.

Here we’ve gathered some of our best articles and advice to help anyone faced with the prospect of weeks (or months) of social isolation or even quarantine.

These tips are specifically for parents of preschool-age kids and younger.

We have a range of things here, from craft to early numeracy activities, but remember children of this age are learning ALL the time and even the most simple activity (like helping with chores, basic card games, beading) can have many benefits.

This is a perfect opportunity to let your children have unstructured and unhurried play. You should not feel pressure to fill their days with set activities and structured learning.

Let them explore, create and learn through play. Let them get dirty. And let them help with the chores.

COVID-19: Activities for preschool kids (and toddlers too!)

Why kids’ play needs to be unstructured and unhurried

Unstructured and unhurried play teaches children problem-solving, persistence and creativity. Simply watching and listening can be the greatest gift we can give the very young.


7 easy ways to build numeracy skills in young kids

Understanding that maths is all around us is the key to helping your child become a powerful mathematician, even when they’re in preschool.

So let’s look at some simple activities that every parent can use to boost your child’s understanding and confidence with maths.


25 awesome Aussie picture books for kids

We have an amazing amount of talented authors and incredible illustrators here in Australia showcasing our beautiful country, telling our unique stories and putting our Aussie sense of humour on display.

So this list of 25 awesome Aussie picture books is by no means exhaustive and it isn’t in any particular order either. These are just 25 books we think you and your children will love.


But why should children have messy play?

Mess is essentially new textures. The more textures a child learns about, the better their fine motor skills.

Children who have difficulty with touching and playing in mess are seen often by occupational therapists as their handwriting, and fine motor skills in general, are poor. Therapy then goes back to early play and yes it’s messy play including a variety of mediums.


4 ways to boost your kids’ creative thinking

You know how creative kids are: give them some space and the right things and you will have them drawing, cutting, or singing in the house for hours. They seem to have an innate need to create, but it looks like this need gets weaker as they age.

If you would like to have your kids keep their creativity as they grow older, and become adults capable of creative thinking, here’s what you can do.


How to make bubbles, finger paint and play dough

Kids love bubbles, paint and play dough.

And, as far as kids’ activities go, these are pretty cheap ways to have a lot of fun. Especially if you know the recipes to make your own bubbles, paint and play dough!


Free Fun Printables

Check out our huge range of colouring-in pages and dot-to-dot, crafts and other puzzles.

Easy to view and print, and will keep the kids entertained – for a little while at least. And the best part — it’s all FREE!


10 easy ways to develop a young child’s vocabulary

Did you know that vocabulary growth helps kids think and learn about the world and is directly linked to their overall success at school?

So, parents, if your child is between 3 and 5 years of age, now is the time to develop these critical vocabulary skills!


6 games to play with a child aged 3-4 years

It isn’t always easy to know what games you should play with your child when they’re aged 3 – 4 years. What are age-appropriate games that are simple to set up and to understand? What games can you play that will offer opportunities for learning?

Here is a list of low-cost activities for this stage of your child’s development courtesy of Playgroup Australia.


The ultimate five crafts for kids with household items only

Here is my ultimate 5 crafts for kids using household items.

And they can be done inside on a rainy day, or outside in the beautiful summer sun. The choice is yours. Children will be engaged, they will be learning and they will reap the benefits of being proud of what they have made. Isn’t that what matters?


Why children should help with the washing?

Why is it important that children assist with the clothes washing? Firstly, it is an activity that needs to be done. So there is no adding to a parents’ already busy day. Secondly, there’s an abundance of skills that can be learned when helping with the washing.



For more helpful activities and games for children visit our Activities Knowledge Vault.


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