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Awesome but easy birthday cakes for children

Easy birthday cake ideas for childrenIf a little time-traveling fairy visited me 10 years ago to tell me that in the future I would have three children and would willingly spend a whole day baking and decorating a birthday cake for them, I would have laughedat the fairy.

Then I would have asked it to give me the lotto numbers. Except I wouldn’t because I don’t believe that fairies can time travel.

But in this case the hypothetical fairy would have been right.

And, it started with the train cake that I made when my eldest child turned two. Slightly ambitious considering it was the second cake I’d decorated in my life. But he LOVED it!

Here is the first … less ambitious, but not a bad effort for a first-timer.

And when my second-born turned one I couldn’t repeat the Number 1 cake, so I opted for the delicious (and pretty simple) Kit-Kat Cake – with M&Ms on top! Yummo!

And then, my son turned 3! I was sure I’d peaked too early with the train cake so I wasn’t too worried about what the next cake would be like. I asked him what cake he wanted and he took less than a second to request “A ROCKET SHIP CAKE!”.

So here it is too …

rocket birthday cake

My most recent effort was this unicorn cake for my now-6YO!

unicorn birthday cake


And for her 7th birthday she picked out a very easy Candy Land cake, which she actually helped me decorate.

Candy Land birthday cake


So surprised was I by the end result I posted the pictures on the Bub Hub forum and Bub Hub Facebook page. And then heaps of very talented Bub Hub members shared their children’s birthday cake masterpieces as well.


Check them out here:


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