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about the author: Ami Summers

Ami Summers is a leadership consultant and author of the book Heart Space. In 2013, after what had been a healthy and uneventful pregnancy, Ami and her husband Dave lost their daughter Arla at 38 weeks and then went on to suffer two other losses. In her grief, Ami looked for guidance. She wanted to better understand her experience of grief, trauma and all the complexities that were happening, yearning for practical resources as she and her Dave stumbled through – she could not find them.

So, when the time was right, she set out to create a resource herself for other parents who walked in their shoes. Drawing on her experience as a mother and as a leadership consultant, and collaborating with a working group of mothers and therapists, Ami wrote Heart Space. Heart Space is a 258-page self-directed, therapeutically reviewed coaching book full of practical and reflective exercises designed to help families through all stages of loss. It's a workbook, journal, memory book and coaching guide all in one.

Heart Space has been carefully crafted to create a safe place for you to grieve, grow and develop through your loss, miscarriage or stillbirth.

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