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Artwork, artwork, everywhere!

At my children’s day care these days, they are always trying to channel my kid’s “inner Picasso”.

It is great to see how creative they can be.

Paintings, collages, toilet roll animals, paper plate flowers, paddle pop stick photo frames, the list goes on…. Every day there is a new haul of this artistic booty spilling out of their backpacks.

However what I am supposed to do with all their mini masterpieces?

There are only so many walls in our house to cover, only so many shelves to hold these creations, there is only so much room on the fridge!

As much as I adore their artwork, would love to treasure it all and hold on to it forever, where do I put it?!

I do put on display their latest drawing or painting for all visitors to see, but what to do with it once a new piece enters the house and needs to take pride and place on the kitchen wall?

There is just a never-ending stream of it coming through our front door, and not to mention the paintings and colouring in they want to do here at home!

I am drowning in a sea of paper, glue, colourful paints, pink cellophane and endless amounts of glitter!


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3 Comments so far -
  • Sammii says:

    Use them for wrapping paper or laminate them and use or give as a special gift a very cool one of a kind original place mat or a door hanger with the little ones name on it.

  • Sarah says:

    I take photos of the stuff I really like and bin the rest. Photos can last a lifetime so my kids can see these when they are older! Old paintings make great wrapping paper for the grandparents birthday and Christmas presents, they love it!

  • Rebecca says:

    Once my little guy did an awesome painting (well, I thought so) then added the final touch … some vanilla yoghurt. Well, that certainly wasn’t going to keep well so I took a photo of it. Still deciding what to do with the photo. Maybe make a canvas out of it?

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