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This is why you should think before you speak

Inspire others with your wordsIt was just an off-the-cuff remark you made to someone and for you it was insignificant, yet to them it was an earthquake of inspiration.

That’s the effect words can make.

So often we focus on the harmful unintentional words we say that can cause deep pain for someone but every now and then we may say something that sparks off a chain reaction of motivation for another person which echoes across their life time.

You could have just been merely commenting to a friend how you didn’t get through high school and had failed English, yet now you were going for a job as a sub-editor for an online magazine and how the world works in mysterious ways. For your friend you’ve shown that failure is not an obstacle and anyone really can achieve what they want. Without even knowing it, you’ve been an inspiration to someone and it’s a nice feeling to have.

Now imagine if we mindfully and intentionally decided to inspire people with our stories or words of encouragement instead of our usual put me downs and relegate achievements to the ‘I could have done that better’ bin. By just pausing for a few seconds before you say something to your kids, family or friends, you just might catch yourself before you say something negative and can then choose to offer a more positive comment.

It feels good to make others feel good, simple as that.

Sometimes it can be hard though, especially in situations where a work colleague gets a promotion you feel they didn’t deserve and then you find it hard to offer positive support. In that situation, in all truthfulness whether she deserved it or not, is none of your business and focusing on the negatives will only leave you feeling grumpy and hard done by.

Just a simple ‘well done’ and then getting on with your own job sends ripples of positive energy out across the universe that will eventually come back to you when you’re in the same or similar situation. Your happiness is always depended on other people’s happiness.

There are times though where you need to speak your truth to someone and it may not be the most uplifting thing you’ve ever needed to say, but how you say it so important. So it’s not about being sunshine and lollipops all the time to the detriment of your authentic self,  it’s just about choosing to be aware of what we say to people, how and why we’re saying it.

Send out the joy and inspiration as much as you can and it will always come back to you in ways you least expect.


Updated May 2014

About Josh Langley

Josh Langley is an award-winning author and illustrator who inspires children with his books about resilience, building empathy and compassion, and getting to know their own emotions.

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