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9 ideas to clean your bathroom while he’s toilet training

Trying to keep a bathroom clean and smelling fresh while toilet training can be difficult. It’s especially hard when you have a little boy who just can’t aim so well yet.

Cleaning can be a hassle at the best of times, but add in a toilet-training toddler, and you’ll have your work cut out for you.

Luckily, some hubbers have discovered a few ways to get your bathroom back to smelling like roses.

  1. Firstly, try to get your boy to sit down until he is big enough to aim a little better. This would substantially lessen the amount of cleaning to do.
  2. Clean daily if you can. Remember to get around the back of the toilet where the pipes are and underneath toilet seat to ensure you don’t miss any areas that might have been hit.
  3. If you have a steam mop, use it every few days, and then use some bleach once a week to really get everything clean.
  4. Try using a target in the toilet bowl and make it a game with rewards – “I’ll give you a gold star if you hit the target!”
  5. Using eucalyptus oil when you clean will leave a nicer smell than if you just use a cleaning product.
  6. Vinegar is also good at eliminating odours, so try adding some of this to your cleaning supply.
  7. Smells can really stick in the grouting of your bathroom. Mix up some bicarbonate soda, vinegar, and water into a paste, then apply to porous surfaces like grout. Leave it on for about fifteen minutes then wipe off and clean with your normal product. Do this once a week.
  8. Take your toilet seat off completely (it unscrews) once a week and clean out all the mess that you can’t get to normally.
  9. Either remove your toilet mat entirely when toilet training, or remember to wash it regularly to avoid the smell coming from there.

Toilet training is a big step for all kids, and for little boys, learning to aim is important. Keeping your bathroom clean and smelling fresh while he works out his aim can be hard, so try out these ideas and see if they work for your bathroom.

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  • The House Cleaner says:

    I made a habit to clean the toilet every night before going to bed. That way I know that there is no bacterias or nasty smell. To put a bleach and to wait a few minutes is not time-consuming and while I prepare the bed, I go and clean it. I think that habits are a good thing. They make our life easier.

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