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8 tips for meditation while pregnant

Pregnant woman is meditatingIs it difficult to find the time and peace to meditate?

100 years ago, meditation was associated with religion, and for the most part, only monks and yogis practiced it.

Today, meditation has become a spiritual practice easily accessible to anyone.
You do not need to sit for many hours in lotus position.

What about meditation in pregnancy? Yes, all pregnant women are very busy. BUT, take the time to sit quietly, each day and just BE and BE with your baby.

You will develop a powerful connection in utero that will enhance your labour, birthing and that wonderful meeting on the outside.

8 cool tips to enhance your meditation quickly and effectively

1. Meditation apps

These apps make it easy to find and enjoy a guided meditation, or just some soothing meditation music, anywhere, anytime.

2. Brainwave entrainment

Getting into a meditative state can be frustrating, especially when your mind is racing with dramas and worries. The brain naturally falls into rhythm with audio stimuli: in this case, the same frequency generated by the brain in a meditative state. Entrainment is not new. Ancient civilizations used the hypnotic effects of rhythmic drumming and chanting to elicit a trance-like state. Once you get into meditation with brainwave entrainment, you meditate effortlessly. Brainwave entrainment does the work for you, letting you use meditation as a tool for relaxing and spiritual connection.

3. Meditation audio tracks

It’s often helpful to have someone guide you through a meditation, helping you create the right mental images and moods. These days, we can have access to some of the best spiritual teachers in the world through their recordings.

4. Meditation centres

Most cities and regional centres offer meditation classes. This is a great way to begin, or to enjoy the power of combined energies.

5. Catnap with a cool compress

Many talk about ‘blowing off steam’ in the physical sense, but it’s also important to release emotional ‘steam’. So set a timer for 10 or 15 minutes, lie down with a cool, washcloth over your eyes. Visualise the ‘heat’ dissolving and focus your thoughts on just one positive dream or intention, and visualise this positive thought in the shape of a cool breeze. Great opportunity to reboot during the day. Limit your time to no longer than 15 minutes and you will wake refreshed and re-energised.

6. Walking mindfulness meditation

Focus on the physical experience of walking and your surroundings. Whenever your mind wanders, gently bring it back to the present moment. Walking releases stress.

7. Walking mantra meditation

Chant a mantra (a word or phrase or affirmation), as you walk, exercise or do household chores.

8. Singing meditation

Do not underestimate the power of singing. Singing in a choir has been scientifically proven to lower stress, relieve anxiety and elevate endorphins and oxytocin. I can endorse this as I travel 35 minutes each fortnight to sing in a fabulous choir. Sometimes dragging myself there, with very little energy at the end of the day, because I know, that after 2 hours of singing, I feel relaxed, free and on top of the world.

-written by Susan Ross

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