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3 quick and easy hairstyles your girl will love

A small girl having her hair braidedNavigating the morning madness of getting kids up and ready for school, daycare, or even a sporting event is a sure-fire stress-starter.

One challenge most parents are yet to master is hair styling. Keeping hair tangle-free and out of the face is hard for the inexperienced, but there is a solution that eliminates the stress of the morning ritual.

To help simplify the morning rush, here are there quick and easy hairstyles your little girl will love and you can tackle in less than three minutes.

The hairstyles have been dad-tested, so there is no excuse for your daughter not to leave the house feeling confident and happy.

From a rope braid to an elegant bun, your daughter’s hair will be the talk of the playground.

Rope braid

Step by step instructions for an easy rope braid hair style

  1. Part the hair off centre and take the hair on the side with the least hair that is in front of the ear
  2. Separate the hair in half, and hold in two hands
  3. Take the section closest to your hairline and wrap it over your other hand. Continue this pattern working around the head, pick up more hair each time you cross your hands over each other
  4. Keep twisting until you run out of hair and then hold the end of your twisted pony and keep twisting the whole thing. As you twist, watch as it gets closer to your head, tighter and tighter, now place a few bobby pins directing into the bun to secure

Voluminous easy bunYoung girl models an easy bun hairstyle

  1. Neatly brush all of your hair to one side
  2. Secure with hair tie
  3. Take one hand and guide it around the hair tie, however you do not want a tight looks, more a messy big wrap around
  4. When you’re happy with the look, secure with bobby pins

Refreshing twist

A refreshing twist hairdo modeled by a young girl

  1. Starting at your ears, take a section of a few centimetres in width and a few centimetres back into the hair (roughly just behind your ear). Clip all other hair out of the way.
  2. Continuously twist this section backward to create a twist of hair
  3. Place a bobby pin over the end of the twist and push it up into the twist, ensuring you cannot see the pin
  4. Repeat process working all the way around the head

About Ashlea Kemp

Ashlea Kemp, owner of Unsurpassable Hair and Make Up, believes hard works brings success.

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