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16 weeks pregnant – pregnancy week by week

Pregnancy Week by Week Calendar - 16 weeksNow that you’re 16 weeks pregnant you should start paying attention to any little flutters you might feel! Yep, this is probably the sensation of your baby moving! Don’t worry if you can’t feel it yet … soon they will be hard to mistake! You might feel more than flutters too – common pregnant complaints such as indigestion, constipation, back ache and headaches will be a constant reminder that you’re expecting.

16 weeks pregnant – development guide

Your body

Because your uterus is sitting higher out of your pelvis, you will find that you need to go to the toilet less often. This is because the pressure has lessened on your bladder.

Pregnant woman with visible uterus and fetus week 16You may feel the sensation as your baby moves – this is usually described as a flutter. It is a wonderful experience and if you don’t feel it yet, don’t worry, you will soon. If this is not your first pregnancy, it is possible you have felt these flutters already in your pregnancy as your uterus, stomach and nearby muscles are more relaxed and sensitive. Feeling your baby moving is a good thing to mention to your healthcare provider on your next visit.

Your baby

Sized at approximately 10-11.8cm (head to rump), your baby is voluntarily moving its limbs and muscles.

Weekly development of a human fetus - week 16Your baby may begin to experience the start of many bouts of hiccups – which you feel through your belly. And your baby, despite not having its eyes open, is light sensitive.

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3 things to do when you’re 16 weeks pregnant

Read up on common pregnant complaints and conditions

Unfortunately pregnancy can be a real pain (literally!). Check out our article on common pregnancy complaints for info on everything from anaemia to varicose veins plus tips on how to deal with them.

Check in with your Due In Group

How is everyone else going now they’re all about 16 weeks pregnant? Why not ask your due date group if they’re feeling baby kick yet?

Have a pregnancy massage

Neck and back pain are a common pregnancy complaint and a massage might help relieve some of the pain and tension. Make sure your massage therapist is specially trained in pregnancy massage.

This content is meant as a guide only. If you find anything worrying or unsettling, or experience any bleeding or spotting, contact your local GP, obstetrician or an emergency healthcare provider immediately.

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