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13 weeks pregnant – pregnancy week by week

13 weeks pregnant week-by-week pregnancy calendar

You’re now 13 weeks pregnant and hopefully things are getting a little easier. The next months can be wonderful – the mood swings and the morning sickness from the first trimester will have hopefully calmed down and the sore backs and the indigestion in the third trimester are yet to start. Now is a good time to start planning your maternity leave.

13 weeks pregnant development guide

Your body

As you enter the second trimester, your chance of miscarriage drops to 2 per cent, from 25 per cent, which it was when you first fell pregnant. You are probably still feeling tired and lethargic but hopefully the nausea has abated and you are managing to solve the pregnancy constipation issue through diet, fluid intake and exercise. You should find that your mood swings start to settle down, too.

Pregnancy body week 13

It’s around now you can consider sharing your wonderful news with a wider circle of family and friends. If you are working, you also need to inform your employer as the proper actions and discussions for maternity leave need to take place.

Your baby

Sized approximately 7cm (head to rump), your baby is developing more and more to look like it will at birth. Your baby’s heartbeat has started to slow and is now only approximately 160 beats a minute.

Pregnancy baby week 13Your baby actively kicks and stretches, even curling up its tiny toes and fingers. Your baby can also turn its head from side to side.

In preparation for the role the lungs play outside the womb, your baby is ‘breathing’ the amniotic fluid, exercising them and strengthening the chest wall muscles. Your baby’s skin has keratinised and therefore now has more waterproof properties than it did previously but still very thin and fragile.

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3 things to do when you’re 13 weeks pregnant

Start thinking about maternity leave

There’s a good deal to get your head around when it comes to maternity leave so it is time to start planning yours. Basically all Australian full-time workers are entitled to 12 months of leave following the birth of a baby (provided they’ve worked for the same employer for 12 months or more). But in most cases this will be unpaid leave so you also need to think about how you will fund your leave. You can check now whether you’ll be eligible for the government’s Parental Leave Pay.

Make sure you’re buckling up safely

There is a right way and a wrong way to wearing a car seatbelt when you’re pregnant. Make sure the lap sash is across the top of your legs, rather than across your belly to avoid harming your unborn child in the event of an accident. Read our article on seatbelts and pregnancy for more information.

Tell everyone you’re pregnant

Many people choose to wait until the end of the first trimester before making their pregnancy public knowledge. You’ve probably already shared your news with those close to you so if you’re looking for a creative way to let everyone else know have a look at these pregnancy reveal ideas.

This content is meant as a guide only. If you find anything worrying or unsettling, or experience any bleeding or spotting, contact your local GP, obstetrician or an emergency healthcare provider immediately.

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