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Top tips and home remedies for fighting lice and nits

Mother checking child's hair for lice and nitsWhile the kids are at school, daycare, or anywhere in close contact with other kids, nits are bound to be a plague again.

Make sure you fight back to keep your family protected.

Prevention is the best cure, or so they say, but sometimes catching lice is just unavoidable.

Home remedies can be the friendliest option when it comes to ridding nits, and though they are tried and tested by many parents, nothing is a sure-fire cure for head lice, so turning to medicated washes or treatments is nothing to be ashamed of. Every parent goes through it at some stage!

Here are some useful tips to remember when the head lice epidemic strikes.

  1. Using leave-in conditioners, hairsprays, or other oil-based solutions can deter lice from crawling over from someone else’s hair – they can’t cling properly on the oily substances.
  2. Sometimes lice don’t make you itchy – don’t wait for this sign to check your child’s hair.
  3. Check with the school in case they have an exclusion policy but know that lice can’t jump or fly so only head-to-head contact, hat sharing, or bed sharing can give them to anyone else.
  4. Use a rounded, stainless steel lice comb with conditioner to remove them – many treatments work but this is best. You can even use another household substance like mayonnaise to comb them – as long as it is light-coloured so you can see the lice.
  5. Take your time when combing them out so you don’t miss any.
  6. The key is to do it twice – whatever the treatment – repeat it a week later for any eggs that may have survived and hatched in that time.
  7. Heat will kill them – straighten or blow dry hair and then comb out dead lice.
  8. Wash brushes, hats, pillowcases, and bed sheets in case any lice are still alive and waiting to crawl back into your hair.
  9. Vacuum the car – some lice could be able to survive from afternoon pick-up to morning drop-off.
  10. With any treatment you use, be careful not to use too much. Even some natural remedies can cause irritation if used in high quantities.
  11. You can use either medical treatments and shampoos, or household mixtures to kill the lice and nits – try these examples from our forum members:
    • Mouthwash
    • 100% orange juice – no pulp
    • Conditioner and salt solution
    • Conditioner and vinegar solution
  12. Most importantly – be vigilant! Make up a routine so you can check your children’s hair regularly and can catch any infestations early.

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