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10 steps to throwing the perfect baby shower

how to organise a baby showerSo, you’ve been asked by your best friend, sister or other close friend or relative to organise their baby shower—where do you start?

At first, organising a baby shower can seem like a daunting task because it’s such a pivotal moment for the mum-to-be, especially for first-time mums. The last thing you want is to disappoint the expectant mother, who is a very important woman in your life.

Keep in mind that, like any special party, a baby shower is all about creating memories—ultimately, it should be fun! A celebration of life. It can be overwhelming to have the responsibility for organising such a significant event, so we’ve broken it down for you.

Just follow these top 10 steps in organising a great baby shower and you’ll be able to enjoy not only the party but also the planning process.

10 steps to throwing the perfect baby shower

1. Pick a baby shower colour theme

For a gender-neutral theme use yellow or orange. Keep your guests guessing! Pure white is also an option with a hint of blue or pink. Pink and gold are the ultimate in girlie colours. Think fairyland meets Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Every girls dream party! Blue is the first colour that comes to mind when decorating a baby shower for a boy. Add in a dash of yellow or green and you’ll be done.

2. Make sure you invite all the right people

As the baby shower organiser it’s your job to invite all the people the mum-to-be holds dearest. This is not just a party but a celebration of the little life she’s about to bring into the world—so be sensitive about that.

People on the list will most likely be family (both sides), friends and work colleagues. Nowadays, it’s becoming common to have partners attend too—leave that decision up to the couple.

Also, do ask the mum-to-be if she wants children to attend. Generally, children don’t come to baby showers however, it does happen sometimes.

3. Choose the perfect venue

  • Function venue: There are many positives about having a baby shower at a function venue, one being that you don’t have to worry about the catering or drinks. There are many restaurants and cafes with private rooms. You just take care of the decorations and games! Easy peasy.
  • Home: If you’re more of a traditional-style baby shower person then having it at home maybe your best option. An upside to having the baby shower at home is that you have full control over everything! The catering, decorations, drinks and games—you decide it all. If you have a backyard it can be used for the activities saving you the mess inside.
  • Local park: For a low-key, relaxed kind of baby shower think about having it at a local park or garden. Each guest can bring a plate of food and it can be a bit of a ‘picnic’ theme. Just because it’s outdoors doesn’t mean you can’t decorate! Bunting on trees, pretty paper cups and plates, paper lanterns—just a couple of decoration ideas.

4. Pick the best date for the baby shower

Choosing a date too close to when the baby is due is an epic error. The last thing you want is for her to feel uncomfortable and bloated (for anyone that hasn’t had a baby—this is how it feels towards the end!).

If you organise the baby shower about 6-8 weeks prior to the due date that should be fine. Make sure you send the invitations out 4-6 weeks prior to give guests enough notice.

5. Pick some games or fun activities

First of all, find out if the mum-to-be wants to have games at her shower. More often than not they will have some kind of input into the kind of vibe they want at their baby shower.

There are such things as classy games that don’t require grown women licking Nutella off a nappy liner.   We’ve put together a list of 32 fun baby shower games with free printables.

6. Send out the invitations

Give guests ample notice before the intended baby shower date. Keep in mind the colour theme you chose for the shower and if the baby’s sex is a secret, don’t give it away by accident! Believe it or not it happens. Make sure the details on the invite are specific regarding the location, parking, start and end time and if gifts are not required.

7. Organise food for the guests

Your guests don’t expect a banquet of international food delights. Keep the food simple, it’s a baby shower not a wedding! Chips, cut-up carrots, dips, a cheese platter and some yummy baguettes is all you need. Oh, and don’t forget the candy and desserts, those will go down a treat.

8. Package up some party favours

Party favours aren’t a necessity however, they’re always a nice little touch and will leave your guests feeling loved and appreciated. A little thank-you note from the baby-to-be saying “thank-you for coming to my baby shower! I can’t wait to meet you” is a cute and simple idea.

9. Organise small prizes!

If the games at the baby shower require prizes make sure they are cost effective. Buy items such as lip gloss, small candles and mini bottles of champagne. Nobody expects to walk out of a baby shower with a holiday to Hawaii as a prize!

10. Send out thank-you notes

Sending out thank you cards sounds like such a hassle when in fact it’s so easy. You will already have everyone’s address because you sent the invitations.

-written by Nadine Lipworth



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