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About us

Bub Hub is still here.

With recent times bringing so many unimaginable changes and challenges, Bub Hub was about to be one of the many casualties of the pandemic.

But after 20 years as a trusted source of information and a valued community forum for many parents and parents-to-be, Bub Hub is now proudly supported by Mater—one of Australia’s largest maternity service providers.

Founded in 2002 by parents Hilary and Brad Lauder and acquired by Mater in 2020, Bub Hub has helped millions of Australian parents and parents-to-be navigate their way through the exciting and often overwhelming journey from pre-pregnancy to parenting!

With Mater’s backing, Bub Hub now has unvetted access to the minds of Australia’s leading maternity and paediatric health experts, complementing our already stellar line up of expert contributors and authors. Our team—across editorial, marketing and sales—are also in the thick of the sleep deprivation, poonamis, and unconditional love that comes with the territory.

Through Bub Hub, Mater’s trusted expertise and contemporary evidence-based knowledge in maternity care will be more accessible to all parents and parents-to-be across Australia.

We will continue to be a safe place for our incredible community of over 82,000 new, seasoned, expecting and hopeful mums (and dads!).

We are here.

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