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Qantas International Qantas International
Qantas International

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Based on 12 user ratings from 12 user reviews.
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parents reviews and comments
So disappointed...
laurenic33's comments about Qantas International
99 out of 157 people found this review helpful

Sorry to go against the grain here and be a downer, especially being the proud Aussie that I am but...

I was so disappointed with my experience with Qantas and to be honest I would never fly with them again.

My husband and I chose to fly with them for our honeymoon return trip to New York.

On absolutely all flights the staff were cold, unfriendly, never smiling and took ridiculously long to answer the in flight call buttons. 

All of our Qantas flights were delayed and the seats were so uncomfortable and small it was horrible.

Please understand I have of course flown economy before internationally and I didn't expect 5 star service however I can honestly say that the level of service and facilities on Qantas were and are the worst I have ever experienced.

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No stress travels
Bonbonn's comments about Qantas International
105 out of 168 people found this review helpful

I have traveled to the UK with three boys (by myself) and Qantas was great to travel with. Their check in times are not too early which I loved.

My children received entertainment packs to colour in etc, as well as being entertained by their own personal tv/movie/video game screen.

All staff were extremly helpful and professional and nothing was too much trouble for them.

Food was as good as it gets considering what it is, and was free flowing, with my children asking for snacks in between meals (and the other snacks provided). gluten free, vegetarian, and loads more food option available but must be specified when booking.

Qantas offers some great deals so I am always on the look out.

I also recommend purchasing a qantas club membership, it was cheaper than paying for hotels on stop overs, plus they have showers available which is a godsend when flying. There is plenty of computers with internet access which kept my boys amused. Plus healthy food available 24/7

I wouldn't fly with anyone else. Plus its great to hear their familar Aussie accents when flying home.

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Great experience
tormyxxx's comments about Qantas International
117 out of 175 people found this review helpful

We flew with Qantas from Sydney to LAX and back with our 5 month old and they were great! They offered us baby food, put us in a seat with the bassinet and were very accommodating.

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Pretty Happy with the service
Melzy99's comments about Qantas International
126 out of 180 people found this review helpful

We flew from LAX direct to Brisbane and we were very happy with the service. They were very helpful when book and ensuring we recieved a bassient for our 3mth old. 

They asked if we needed anything regularly and were very sweet. We really enjoyed the service they provided. The only issue I really had, which was a small one was that the seat belt on the bassinet was quite worn and saggy so it rested near our baby's face. I think this just comes with an older airplane though.

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not good with twins
leisurly's comments about Qantas International
190 out of 316 people found this review helpful

My husband was a qantas loyal customer but after travelling for almost 2 yrs with our twins he lost it and let them run a muck in the qantas lounge. we first flew when they were 3 weeks old and last flew with their dad just before they turned 2. I actually made a comment to one of the stuards why is it that on the numerous international flights i have done i have seen the hostesses help a mum with one baby by carrying the baby while she ate, yet with twins we really felt Qantas did not want us, on a flight from brisbane to adelaide the seating went like this rows 1-6 one adult window one adult aisle row 7 me my husband and two infants and another poor adult in the aisle seat,(5 of us) when we said surly they could do better as there were not enough oxygen masks the hostess said well I'm sure one of the gentle men in frount will pass you one is in the unlightly case we have an incident!! next 8 rows 2 adults a row My husband moved to a spare seat to eat and the hostess had a go at him, my husband was a medic and has attended so many medical emergencies on qantas flights it was was embarrasing, his frequent flier number was in the 1st 80000 of their members. In total contrast after my husband died I took my boys to the uk and on the return I could not fault singapore airlines, they carried a sleeping child off the plane I the other, they got out bags off at adelaide and the pram was at the gate, the boys slept through immigration and they even met me to help get my luggage through customs to meet the awaiting taxi

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qantas international
greenolive's comments about Qantas International
184 out of 314 people found this review helpful
We flew to Singapore recently with a 4 yr old and a 17 month old.  Although the service and support on the trip over was ok (they provided a bottle to keep when it appeared that I didn't bring one for the flight!), it was the return flight where we experienced fantastic service.  
The flight attendants were responsive to our needs and on descent, one attendant gave me a small packet of jelly beans for the kids to suck on to help their ears adjust as the were in discomfort.  This was invaluable as it really helped.  We are frequent international travellers and have always travelled Qantas (in economy and business) and find that it really does depend on the quality of the staff at the time.
If you are fortunate enough to have access to the Qantas Club lounges, then this makes a world of difference and they often have a kids corner available (London Heathrow & Melbourne Tullamarine do). 
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Not recommended...
coffeekid's comments about Qantas International
216 out of 382 people found this review helpful

We travelled from Melbourne to Singapore and back with our 6 months old. 

I would not recommend Qantas for travelling with an infant. First of all, even though they charged us 10% of adult fare for our DS, they would not guarantee a bassinet for us. We had to actually check in at the airport before it was booked. They just told us to get there 3 hours before the flight. I even called them on the morning to see if they could tell us if there were sufficient bassinets for everyone that requested them and they refused to let me know. They just told me again that we should get to the airport at least 3 hours early to check in early and try to secure a bassinet.

On the way to Singapore we got pre-boarding, to board with business class but on the way back we did not. We had to just board with general boarding. 

The change tables on board are very unsafe - just a sideways little pull-down table with no raised edge or belt to secure DS while changing him. I had to try and lean forward and push my body against the edge of the table to stop him rolling or bouncing off.

The bassinets are next to the catering trolley storage so the whole trip the flight attendants were slamming the trolleys into and out of the storage cupboards and slamming the cupboard doors right against the wall that held the bassinet.

On the way back we were not offered an infant belt, so we had to ask for one just before take-off. 

There was no assistance or help from flight attendants any time during the trip. The only "kindly" behaviour was that they would stop and talk to DS while he was in the bassinet trying to settle himself. This would of course make him cry as soon as they walked away. Perhaps none of them have had a baby themselves before (and know that you don't get them all excited when they are trying to sleep).

All in all a BAD experience. I don't know if any of these things are standard across airlines because this is the first time I have travelled with an infant... I hope others are better.

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repeat travel, Melbourne - LAX
Chickadee's comments about Qantas International
225 out of 394 people found this review helpful

Bassinette fit my DD at 10 & 11 months, but she's a small baby. Similar to another reviewer don't expect much help from stewards during boarding (though there is pre-board) or during the flight.  Bottles asked to be warmed were either returned cold or boiling hot.  Food provided for under 2 is not necessarily age appropriate.

Strollers left at the gate have to be picked up with the rest of the luggage at LAX, so be prepared to carry bub/child on arrival.

Check seatting arrangements ASAP, and double & triple check them.  Families may be rearranged by the computer and issued seats apart from each other. Check-in staff can usually fix this.

For older children, seat-back TVs have a range of programmes, movies and games to help keep them amused.  Childrens meals - we've only ever been served  macaroni & cheese as a main meal which my daughter will not eat. Bring snacks and ask for fruit  or cheese & crackers (stewards may be able to obtain from business class).

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Guest's comments about Qantas International
233 out of 411 people found this review helpful
They were ok. Good in some areas but rubbish in others.

You get to board before economy - so you go up with the first and business class. But no one offered to help me when I travelled alone with my son. I had to struggle with son & bags etc. through the aisles. Nightmare!! I got to take the stroller to the gate but no one helped me collapse it they just told me where to leave it.

On the other side I had to get stroller from the luggage pick up so had to struggle all that way holding my son and hand luggage. Again, no assistance from the crew.

Foodwise, my son was given a cold tin of beef stew and a tin of custard for breakfast! So no thought into what they are offering children to eat. If you ask them to wash a bottle its just rinsed in hot water so keep that in mind if bottle feeding.

Bassinets are tiny and when my son was 5 months old he was too big for it already. He had to sleep on my lap.

Staff are friendly though - just not as helpful as I would have liked.
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Great Family Service!
QTB's comments about Qantas International
237 out of 414 people found this review helpful
Awesome sevice, very helpful with bubs, seating etc. cant complain at all!
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Great for kids!
Guest's comments about Qantas International
230 out of 407 people found this review helpful
Great airline, specially when travelling with young ones. My 2year old was so pampered! Best we experienced!
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