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Ultimate Sleep Superior Kids pillow

5 reviews
Superior Kids pillow

The Superior Pillow’s softness and fluffiness will conform to and cradle around your child’s head and neck to provide the support they need to help support their growing bodies.

The Superior Pillow is naturally hypoallergenic, odorless, anti-bacteria, anti-mold and anti-dust mites. It can be washed as often as needed to keep it clean and free of allergens. 

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Parent Reviews and Comments

So happy to be able to try Fossflakes superior kids pillow for my son. First of all I loved that the pillow comes with its own bag which makes it super easy to store when not in use.

Secondly I loved the information sheet that came with the pillow. The suggestions given in it were really helpful to use the pillow properly. Before initial use (and before every night use) it was advisable to shake the pillow and by shaking and pressing it, I was able to adjust the height of the pillow for my son. My son use to have eczema but being hypoallergenic this pillow was very gentle on his skin and we used it for him without any trouble. My son slept really well with this pillow and I could see that his head, neck were well supported.

I loved that these pillows are designed for the age group of 2-5 years  and are very soft to touch. Another positive point is that it is machine washable. 


I was fortunate to be chosen to review this pillow for my 3 year old son.

From the moment I opened the packaging I could tell it was a quality pillow just by its appearance. It is nicely finished. The pillow has a lovely soft texture which can easily be fluffed and moulded to your liking. Despite being soft, it seems to be supportive at the same time.

My son seems to be enjoying it. I know that if he didn't like it, he would just toss it out of the bed! He's that kind of kid. I've been checking on him before I go to bed to make sure he's got his blankets on and he is happily asleep whilst using the pillow.

I would recommend this product as a good choice for a first pillow for a toddler, especially for the fact that it's durable and lends itself well to regular machine washing.


This is the first pillow I've tried with my daughter who is 19 months. She's still very wriggly around the cot so using the pillow has been a bit hit and miss.

However, in terms of the pillow it is not too bulky and doesn't prop the head up too much like other pillows, so it would be a good transition from sleeping with no pillow to using a pillow. I found finding a pillow case that fit it well a little frustrating so that was my only concern.

I will keep using the pillow with her as I think it's a nice soft start to using a pillow for sleep. I haven't washed it yet, though the instructions say it should fluff up like new after washing. 


I was surprised when I opened the packaging to see the Fossflakes Superior Kids pillow. It's not what I expected nor what you would normally see in the shops when looking at toddler pillows. 

It's a full size pillow, not small like you usually see. It's light and has just the right amount of filling. My daughter had no issues sleeping on it. It fit in her cot nicely. She enjoys it so much that it gets dragged around the lounge room and placed down to lay her head on when she's on her mat.

As it's fully machine washable, I washed the pillow to see how well it handled being washed and also dried it in the dryer. It didn't lose its shape nor its softness.

I think the Fossflakes Superior Kids pillow is a great starter pillow. I would highly recommend it.


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