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Baby U Goat Milk Moisturiser

34 reviews
Goat Milk Moisturiser

Goat's Milk helps with eczema and will soothe irritated skin. Goat's Milk is suitable for babies & Toddlers with sensitive skin.

Parent Reviews and Comments

There is a lot to love about this product. Firstly it is Australian made and owned and does not contain parabens, petroleum & artificial colours which makes me more comfortable using it on my toddler.

The lotion spreads well and sinks in to the skin leaving my baby's skin feeling soft with a lovely fragrance.  My daughter has sensitive skin and this product did not irritate her skin.

The packaging is attractive and a perfect size to sit on my bathroom shelf. The product is easy to use with a pump lid and the price is reasonable. I recommend this product for babies and toddlers.


We have been using this product after bath time in our house each night for the past week & a half. Both of my girls, aged 22 mths & 4 years have been using the moisturiser.

The first & most outstanding feature of the product is the amazing, natural scent!  I absolutely love applying it as it smells so lovely on my freshly washed, clean children! :-)

The other great thing about this moisturiser is that it's not too oily & is easily absorbed. This is especially important with girls who like to "do it themselves"

I will definitely continue to purchase this product for my girls.


This is a lovely moisturiser, keeps bubs skin nice & soft. 

The only downside is I didn't enjoy the smell, to me it smells like the goats milk going off :P

If the scent was nicer I would use all the time.


The Baby U Goat Milk moisturiser is definitely a winner. Light and smooth but not too 'thin' feeling (which I hate in a moisturiser for myself). it has a lovely coconut scent- which my partner wasn't a huge fan if but I loved! My baby smelt divine after using it!


This smells amazing! It smells so good I was worried about using it on my bub as eczema skin for fear of irritation - no need to fear! Not only did  he not have a reaction to it but his skin looks great! We will continue to use this and fingers crossed his good skin continues. I can recommend this based on my personal experiences with a child who uses a high cortisone steroid cream to stem outbreaks - we haven't used it since starting to use this cream.


I have used this on my 3 month old daughter for 3 weeks and love it.  It feels creamy and light and is easily absorbed into her skin. I love that it is so light as some lotion feel quite thick and hard to rub in, but not this one.  Her skin feels nice soft and the lotion has a lovely fragrance too, so she always smells lovely.

She has eczema patches behinds her knees, on her wrists, around her hairline and quite bad under her chin and around her neck.   Whilst she still has them, since using the lotion they are not as red nor as dry as they use to be.
I will definitely continue to use this lotion until the bottle runs out and will probably track it down locally so I can carry on using it.

I was a bit wary after my baby reacted to the bath wash but we have had no reaction. Love the smell and have been using it daily. Leaves his skin so soft with no residue rubs in really well. As he has dry skin it has been good to find a moisturiser that he hasn't reacted to.


With a small baby and a 3 year old with eczema, this moisturiser appealed to me.


•Australian owned and made

•Natural ingredients

•It smells divine!

•It's not overly thick, so it went on nicely

•Didn't make my 3 year old's eczema flare up


  I can't list any :)

I actually loved the smell and how soft it left my girls' skin so much that I started using it as well. I will definitely be purchasing this moisturiser in the future and I've already recommended this to friends. 

Bunny Lover

I simply loved this product! 

I used it on myself (with sensitive skin), my toddler and my baby. 

This product has a fantastic and enjoyable scent and did not leave a greasy or sticky residue. The product did not irritate skin at all. 

I will be purchasing this product from now on.


We used the Baby U Goats Milk moisturiser after having tried many other organic baby brands without much success. My daughters skin since birth has been dry and often flaky but since using the goats milk moisturiser daily we have noticed her skin is soft and smooth and scrumptious like a baby should be. It has a lovely sweet smell that is just the perfect balance of yummy!  

The lotion lathers up nicely and is easy to spread around with a smooth velvety consistency, you really don't use much with each application and it is easily absorbed. It also comes in a handy pump pack; when juggling a slippery naked baby is perfect! I really enjoyed using this product as have my older children who both enjoyed how soft it made their skin after a bath time. 

I wouldn't hesitate to purchase this product again. 


We used this in combination with the Baby U body wash on our 8 month old son who tends to get some mild eczema on his face, chest and inner elbows. While using this moisturiser there were no flare-ups at all and his skin remained soft and smooth, which I was thrilled about as I hate to think bub might be uncomfortable and itchy.

It rubbed on lovely and smoothly, was neither overly thick or thin, and absorbed very quickly. 
The only thing I didn't like about the moisturiser was the strong sweet smell, but that is my own personal taste rather than a reflection on its effectiveness. 
I also love that this moisturiser in an Australian product and doesn't contain any harsh chemicals.

The first thing that comes to mind when describing this gorgeous body moisturiser is the divine, cupcake like scent. I used this cream from head to toe on my toddler every day after her bath and she smelled just heavenly for the entire day, a mild and sweet coconut/vanilla scent that I just love on my soft and smooth baby.

The cream itself is a lovely consistency, less is more with this product as you only need use a small amount to get fantastic results instantly.

Great absorbency and non greasy, I will definitely be buying this product from now on- such amazing value as well, we will be getting at least a couple of months use out of the one bottle.

Loved it and my little one has thoroughly enjoyed her "massage time" every day.

This body lotion is an Australian made & owned product, enriched with Goat Milk & vitamin E, it gives long lasting moisture without leaving any oily residue and has a lovely fragrance. To quote my sons 2 year old cousin "That baby smells yummy!".
The lotion has no artificial colours, no parabens & has been formulated to soothe irritated skin, without aggravating eczema. While my son doesn't have sensitive skin, I do and I even tried this lotion on myself & had no reaction, apart from lovely smooth skin!
It comes in a 250ml pump container, which is a nice convenient size, I have been using it once, sometimes twice daily for a few weeks now and have hardly made a dent!
I have seen this product at a few different chemists, it's fairly easy to find, while it's not the cheapest product at 8.99 for the 250ml I would buy it again as it is an Australian made and owned product so you know your supporting local economy & the product is gentle, pleasantly fragranced and goes a long way!

I have been using the goat milk moisturiser since I received it for my son and my 15 month old's skin has never smelled so nice and it feels really soft. I will definitely keep using this product on him.


I have been using the product on my one yr old and four yr old children and am loving how smooth and clear their skin is. 

My four yr old has often complained about itchy skin after bath times when we use a different brand of moisturiser but with goat milk she has said she feels comfortable and happy! 

The bottles are a convenient size for travel and for smaller hands to handle. The picture on the bottle is also an easy way for my child to work out which cream is for her.

My 1 yr old has been diagnosed with sensitive skin recently and this product has helped him appear more comfortable at night times. He doesn't seem as fidgety any more.

The cream is non greasy and soaks in promptly leaving the skin feeling silky smooth. The scent is also nice and creamy. 

I have been using it on my cracked heels and found it is a great skin lotion for adults as well.


At the time of reviewing this product, I had a 3 year old with a sore and runny nose, the kind that is red, dry and sore from tissue use. I applied a little of the 'babyU' Goat Milk moisturiser underneath her nose and unlike other times when I have done this, she did not complain of any stinging! This product is touted as non-irritating and natural and in this case of a very sore and sensitive nasal area,  it definitely lived up to its name, as I was able to pump a small amount of moisturiser to calm and soothe what is otherwise a difficult area to alleviate soreness without adding soreness!

We used this product on all our children aged from 23 months to 7 years and liked that it was thick enough to absorb into the skin, but not so much that it is overly greasy. We found it easy to apply straight after bath time when the skin was still a little damp and with it's easy pump action, it made it very easy to apply on wriggly toddlers!

With a pleasant scent of Shea butter and Cocoa butter, this gentle moisturiser was certainly easy on the nose without the usual irritation of perfumed moisturisers. I myself used it on freshly shaven legs and found my legs were moisturised and itch-free which made a pleasant change!

A very reasonable price point which is unusual for Goats Milk products, made in Australia, free from harsh chemicals and with a lovely non-irritating scent, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this product. :-)


Super soft skin. Easily absorbed so didn't leave residue or staining. Light fragrance so wasn't overpowering. Great value for money.


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