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Ultimate Sleep Comfort U pregnancy pillow

7 reviews
Comfort U pregnancy pillow

The Original Comfort-U Body Support Pillow – ideal for pregnancy. The Comfort-U is the solution to all your pregnancy ailments, easing discomforts from swollen feet and legs, painful joints, lower back and hip pains.

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Parent Reviews and Comments

Have been sleeping on this pillow ""comfort u" since l was 20 weeks pregnant. I am so comfortable that i can't believe it, i wish i had this pillow for my first pregnancy. My sleep has been great and l only have four weeks left, such a great investment i made for myself. I can't wait to try the Babyskies 3 in 1 feeding pillow next.

Lauren Crickmore

I have not been sleeping well for ages (even before I was pregnant). But I have to say that this pillow is excellent! I have been getting leg spasms right begfore bed but they are far fewer and i seem to be able to get more comfortable much quicker. 

I am also looking forward to using it when baby comes to help with breastfeeding and keeping him safe if he is in our bed. 


First off I found the comfort U pillow to be a fantastic design. The shape as great and it really did contour to your body.

The first night with the pillow, I set it up and laid down to watch some tv. It was very comfy and I was looking forward to getting a good nights sleep on it. When it came time to sleep, I actually had a lot of difficulties. I normally sleep with a flat soft pillow and this pillow was 3 times the fullness and hight of my normal pillow.

I decided to put the U part at my feet and just use my normal pillow for my head, but again I had the same difficulties wrapping my legs around the pillow due to its fullness. After a few hours I had no choice but to kick it out of bed. It was too full and very uncomfortable.

That means the pillows useless right? Wrong. Because I have such bad SPD I can no longer sit and play with my daughter, now I curl up the pillow and use it as a bean bag. It's very comfortable. I also still use it to watch movies and I'm sure it will come in handy once bub is born especially for breast feeding.

I think having sizes like regular pillows ie. soft, medium and firm would really improve this product immensely because as I mentioned the design is amazing and I do think a lot of people will and can benifit from a pillow which such a unique design. 

I am actually considering unstitching the pillow to remove some stuffing so I can use the pillow for sleeping again because at the moment I  using 4 soft flat pillows to get the same affect this one pillow can achieve. 

I REALLY hope they decide to realise different sizes.


The Fossflakes™  Comfort U pillow is certainly a pillow for that expectant mother or anyone actually who looks forward to a comfortable sleep. Its unique design gives you figure hugging support and allows your body to sleep in a natural position. The Fossflakes™  Comfort U pillow has multiple options for use whilst sleeping allowing you achieve a good sleep.

But, it's not only good for sleeping, it is fantastic all round use including a comfortable place to sit with head and back support, raised leg seating and a safety barrier for a young baby.

The Fossflakes™  Comfort U gave me a comfortable sleep and allowed me to wake up feeling energized and not sore. It certainly is highly recommended for those seeking that etc support.

There are a few downsides, however these are minor. This includes the pillow case design causing for a lengthy and almost frustrating time period whilst trying the get the cover on the pillow, a larger zipped area on the pillow case remove that issue completely.

When testing the ability to pack the pillow up it took only a few seconds for the zipper to break on the bag which the pillow arrived in. This again is very minor and in no way affecting the pillows performance.

The pillow is very large and heavy and we found that the pillow made it quite difficult for two of us to be in a queen sized bed with the pillow.

I felt the pillow was more tailored to a smaller framed person. Following the instructions I found it harder to set the pillow up properly to sleep with (keeping the inner U from being to tight). However once I had set the pillow up to match my frame I definitely had a comfortable sleep. A model with a larger U would certainly help those of a larger frame.

Overall this pillow is a fantastic pillow and lives up to what it promises. I have enjoyed testing this product and waking up without any aches and feeling refreshed.


When I found out that I had been chosen to try out this pillow I was absolutely thrilled! This is my second pregnancy and after experiencing symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD) at the later stages of my first pregnancy I have had symptoms from very early on and realised quite early in the piece that a lot of my pain was related to having to sleep on my side every night and having 8 hours of pressure pushing on my pelvis.

I'd been looking for a good body pillow to help take the weight of the baby whilst laying on my side as is recommended and hadn't yet found one that I thought would do the job.

First impressions:
On taking the pillow out of the packaging, I was suprised at how small it seemed. The 'arms' of the pillow were much narrower than I had expected and it didn't seem to be that puffy. Following the directions, I shook the pillow out and was quickly proven wrong in my assumption that the pillow didn't have much height.
The arms puffed out dramatically and whilst they remained narrow in width the height improved significantly in just a few shakes.
Getting the pillowcase on proved to be a struggle and at the time I remember thinking that I should have gone against my instincts and put the pillow case on BEFORE fluffing which is not what's recommended in the instructions that you receive with the pillow.
It took the help of my DH as well to get the cover on, but once the arms were in to the bottoms of the ends it was a simple matter of shaking the pillow into place and zipping the cover up.

I ditched all of my other pillows as I wanted to see how the pillow performed by itself and was not disappointed. Having a pillow between my knees did little to resolve the problem as a lot of the strain on my hips and back related having my stomach area dragged downwards by gravity as well as only having my knees seperated to an appropriate distance rather than hips, knees and ankles.
The only disadvantage was that it did take me a couple of days to get used to the general bulk of being surrounded by the pillow although the 'nested' feeling is very comforting :).


  • Definitely helped me to maintain good posture and significantly reduced my hip and back pain related to constantly sleeping on my sides
  • 'Legs' of pillow are quite narrow, meaning that they take up minimal bedspace compared to some other body pillows
  • DH was able to put his knee and arm up on the pillow whilst I was facing away from him and found that very comfortable himself as well
  • Pillow MACHINE washeda and is dryer safe on a low heat setting  which means no stinky pillows. The stuffing is designed to release heat and hold it's shape with a gentle fluff each morning. The combination of both of these qualities means that you could conceivably use this pillow for many years without needing to replace it.
  • I could actually lay 'on' my stomach, resting my stomach in a hole made by crossing the legs of the pillow over. As a stomach sleeper that was absolute bliss!
  • It is suprisingly easy to get this pillow back into the bag that it came in which will be great for taking it to the hospital. I've been advised that a pillow such as this can be very helpful post op (I'm having a caesarean) and will be taking it with me :).


  • VERY expensive in my own personal opinion. At the retail price of $320 I would find it very hard to justify the price when there are similar types of pillows at around half the cost even with the theraputic benefits.
  • Can be a little troublesome for partners in bed. You would NOT want to try to using this pillow on a double bed with another person in the bed. You would need a queen sized bed and up at the minimum.

Finally... Would I recommend this product?:

As a pregnancy pillow I would 100% recommend this pillow for women who suffer from back and hip pain. Using the pillow certainly helped me reduce my pain and also helped in reducing the strain I felt in stomach muscles that was caused by the weight of the baby dragging my stomach downwards whilst lying on my side.

The high price would certainly put this pillow out of my purchase range normally however I feel that the likelihood of a long life of the product would certainly make it worth the expense if I were able to lay out that amount of money on a pillow in one go.
The general concensus seems to be that pillows should be replaced every 2-3 years with a machine wash once or twice each year. The stuffing in this pillow apparently stands up to washing very well and won't become lumpy or out of shape with machine washing. That means that the pillow conceivably could be used for many, many years without loss of shape or comfort.
I sleep much better with this pillow. On average I wake up at least 2 times less during the night and when I do it's a simply a case of rolling over rather than trying to drag several seperate pillows with me. I LOVE this pillow, and really wish that I'd had one for my first pregnancy!
Obviously as my bub has yet to be born I've yet to use this pillow as a breastfeeding support but there is information provided with it that shows you several ways of supporting the baby and I will be looking forward to trying that out as well as it looks to be a very comfortable position to feed in.


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