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Ultimate Sleep Boomerang pillow and Knee & Ankle support pillow

6 reviews
Boomerang pillow and Knee & Ankle support pillow

Designed to support your entire body regardless of whether you are sleeping on your left side, right side, or your back. The Knee & Ankle support pillow is designed for those who sleep on their side, to ensure pelvic alignment.

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Parent Reviews and Comments

I'm using the large boomerang pillow after being recommended it by my pregnant girlfriend. I had been suffering from back and neck pain and being a side sleeper I found it hard to get comfortable and get a good night's sleep with conventional pillows. The boomerang pillow has changed everything. I was skeptical at first but I can honestly say that I am sleeping better than I have in years. It is incredibly comfortable and provides amazing support. For the first time ever I wake up without neck and back pain. The other fantastic thing about these pillows is being able to machine wash them. They really keep their shape and fullness. I can't recommend this pillow highly enough and have since bought one for my husband, my Mum and 2 other pregnant friends! The best investment you'll make during pregnancy and beyond.


It took me two nights to settle into these pillows, the third night I slept much better. The pillows were more firm than the pillow I generally use, which, of course, is not a fault of the product, simply something I had to get used to.

I found the boomerang pillow very comfortable to use and will continue to use as my main pillow. I also love the fact that it looks like it will come in very handy as doubling as a breastfeeding pillow! When investing in a pillow dual-use is an attractive incentive.  The support it provided was firm and as it is a boomerange shape I found it much more effective in keeping me on my side as it tended to 'hug' me, unlike my regular rectangular pillow. I also liked that it came with a cover.

I didn't find the knee & ankle pillow as comfortable as the boomerang pillow, simply because of my natural sleep position, as I don't keep my legs togther. However, I did find the knee & ankle pillow useful for resting my belly on when on my side.

All in all these are a good set of pillows, especially the boomerang pillow. If you are having trouble staying on your side during pregnancy I would recommend this set as I did find the boomerang pillow effective in 'hugging' me and keeping me on my side.


I was chosen to review these pillows due to ongoing pregnancy uncomfortablity and aches and pains whilst trying to sleep. These pillows have helped me sleep so well lately! I am 33 weeks pregnant and find that without support around my legs and back I just can't get comfortable.

I found the boomerang pillow great as I could use it to support my belly or back as well as my head while at the same time not taking up the whole bed. The knee pillow helped my hips to be better aligned and for my body to not feel as twisted while I was lying on my side.

I would definitely recommend these products to other pregnant women to support them whilst sleeping and aid in general pregnancy discomforts, aches and pains whilst trying to sleep. The other main thing I loved about these pillows was that I didn't feel that they created as much of a 'barrier' in the middle of the bed as did many other maternity pillows that I had tried. 


As a heavily pregnant Mum of three little girls, and suffering from very bad sleep due to severe Pelvic Instability, I welcomed the opportunity to review the above pillows and hopefully get a more restful sleep.

The first thing I noticed was that the pillows were beautifully made and were of wonderful quality, nice and thick, strong feeling pillows, beautifully white and just invited sleeeeep. The enclosed information pack is very helpful as it detailed the materials used, and also tips on how to keep your pillows clean and in great shape. Always useful information in my house!

The knee pillow is the perfect length for my short legs and reached from thigh past my knee, or knee to ankle which was brilliant. It  is a perfect height to keep my legs at hip width apart which is crucial when suffering from hip issues due to pregnancy, and I honestly felt that this pillow is invaluable. I loved it!

The Boomerang pillow is also nice and thick, a good full pillow, but sadly it is much smaller than the usual sized boomarang pillow which I felt is actually too small to be of any real benifit to me. I also wonder how you would go about purchasing more pillow covers for this particular pillow when it is not standard size. Honestly, it is a lovely pillow, but it would be classed as child size to me, and not overly great for an adult, which is really upsetting as in every other way, its just lovely.

(Edited to add info from manufacturer:  a larger TWIN pillow is available, all pillows come with one cover and replacements are available from the manufacturer.)

If these pillows are sold separately, I would definitely recommend the knee pillow, but if sold as a pair, depending on the pricing, I would have to think twice.


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