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Strider 3

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Strider 3 Steelcraft
Strider 3

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Based on 6 user ratings from 6 user reviews.
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parents reviews and comments
Strider 3
sdtbradford's comments about Strider 3
113 out of 164 people found this review helpful

Great durable pram. Excellent if you live in a rural or outback setting as you can't get punctures, although I have managed to get the front wheel caught in a cattle grid and  slightly bent it.  However even before that not that great in sand, especially when you hit a rock. Certainly a sturdy pram, as stated above is quite wide so takes a bit of getting used to when walking through doorways and gates. However when its collapsed in the back of the ute or station wagon the wheels are very very easy to take off and put on so it packs away quite small. The reversible seat is fantastic.

The seat doesn't lay back flat and doesn't sit up all that straight, however as also mentioned I was lucky enough to pick up this pram 2nd hand for $250 incl bassinet and stand.   I have the cream version and live in a tropical environment so mould has stained the seat which is a pitty..

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BeesKnow's comments about Strider 3
212 out of 388 people found this review helpful

I bought this pram for walking and for going to the park, I've used it from newborn- with seat facing me and am still suing it for my 27 month old- outward facing.

I have found it to be:

The strongest, toughest and safe pram I have

my daughter loves being able to see everything and pointing out things on the way to the park- seat is in an excellent high position- also out of the way from dust from the ground

this pram can go anywhere, it's like racing along in a 4WD

nice big window in canopy to see child easily

I'm 5 ft and have no trouble with it at all

partner is over 6ft and also loves pushing it as the handles extend adequetly

seems to be easy clean, i chose the olve colour

EXCELLENT big basket underneath for carrying all you picnic gooddies, i even put a ride on in there for when we arrive at the park

Very attractive and sporty looking pram, excellent accessories.

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motheroffour's comments about Strider 3
255 out of 443 people found this review helpful
when I bought this pram for dd3 I also got the bassinet, I loved taking this pram walking and I found it so easy to use although when my mother would take dd3 for the day she actually broke it  now it is loose at the hinge so it is not grandmother proof also dp has a bit of trouble. I did intend on using it again when we had another baby but they came to close together and there is no toddler seat for this version. I dont regret it though.  it can be hard to get through shopping centres or crowded markets and its quite bulky.
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Great pram
Hopeosh's comments about Strider 3
260 out of 445 people found this review helpful

I love this pram. It is great for walking, nice and smooth. Easy to fold and put up. Can reverse the seat so that young baby can see you and then as they get older, they can look out. Solid tyres so no need to pump up or worry about punctures. Very easy to manouver and turns a lot easier than the Strider-4. Not too heavy.

Not a great shopping pram as it is very wide but I will buy an umbrella stroller for this purpose. Not too expensive either so we can afford to get a stroller as well. Not great for newborns as it doesn't lie completely flat. You can get a bassinette attachment though if you want to pay for it. Taken apart in two pieces which does take up room in your car boot but most prams seem to take up a lot of room. Still have room for my grocery shopping.

Defintely would reccommend this if you like walking lots.

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suits me
Guest's comments about Strider 3
250 out of 441 people found this review helpful

This pram suits me as I live on a property so I needed a three wheeler that had good suspension.

Didnt get pneumatic wheels as didn't want punctures.

Main problem is that it has a very wide wheel base so wont fit through some checkouts - definetly not at Kmart!

Some doorways are a problem too.

You cannot carry the bassinet which would be very convenient at times.

The great advantage is that it is easy to lift and put/up and down.

Great pram though - only used it for 3 mths so still early days but really like it. Like that I can see baby and same with stroller bit as it is reversible.

Always knew that I would buy a more umbrella stroller later so I didnt want to spend too much.
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Guest's comments about Strider 3
248 out of 453 people found this review helpful
I love this pram very easy to manouvre you can have bub facing you or outwards, very large shopping basket, the handle has 3 different heights to adjust to your size, it is suitable for newborn but the bassinet is sold seperately for around 130 dollars, comes with a raincover isnt too heavy considering the size but fits through shopping aisles fine.

The only downside is I dont think the footrest is low enough to comfortably fit a toddlers legs as my daughter is 10 months old and her feet are nearlly touching the footrest.Also you cant attach a toddler seat but I have no worries about thaty only having 1 child
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