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New baby paperwork checklist

When you leave hospital you've got a newborn baby in one hand and a pile of brochures and paperwork in the other.

As if caring for your little one isn't time-consuming enough, now you've got a mountain of paperwork to wade through.

Hopefully we can make it easier for you with our Newborn Paperwork Checklist.

Before baby is born
As soon as possible after the birth
  • Arrange health checks for your child and follow-up checks for yourself
Your baby's health checks can done by your GP or for free at your local child health centre.
The recommended check-ups are:
- If baby is discharged at less than 72hrs old, check-up with GP within 5-10 days old
- Initial assessment with GP or child health nurse between 0-4 weeks. You will be advised on recommended check-ups after that - Visit for mum at the GP at 6 weeks
  • Register your baby's birth
The hospital will give you a form to register your baby's birth. This copy has an official section, which will have been completed by the hospital. So don't lose it!!  Lodge your complete form with Births, Deaths and Marriages or a local Magistrates Court. The birth must be registered within 60 days or you may be fined. If you do lose the form supplied by the hospital, you can get another from your hospital, most Magistrate Courts or by calling the registry. You can register the birth for free but if you want to receive a birth certificate you need to complete the relevant section of the form and send the correct payment.
  • Add your child to Medicare.
A baby is covered under their parents' Medicare (if eligible) should any treatment be required within the first few days. But it's advisable to register your child at the earliest opportunity. Once enrolled, their details will automatically be added to the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register.
  • Add your child to your Private Health Insurance

  • Add your child to the Medicare Family Safety Net
The Medicare Safety Net will cover your 'gap' payments for out-of-hospital services once you reach a certain limit (a 'gap' payment is the difference between what Medicare pays and the Schedule Fee). It is possible to group family members together so all payments count towards the same limit. To register your family, complete a Family Safety Net application form. You may be given a copy of the form at the hospital, if not, copies are available from Medicare. If your family is already registered and you wish to add another child you can add the child over the counter at Medicare.
  • Complete application forms for government financial benefits  
- Family Tax Benefit A & B
- Baby Bonus/Paid Parental Leave
- Maternity Immunisation Allowance
Forms will usually be provided in hospital. This copy will contain an official stamp from the hospital and it is important to use this copy for any benefit claims. A claim for Baby Bonus must be made within 52 weeks of the child's birth. Paid Parental Leave has to be paid within a year of the birth. Therefore you must claim within 34 weeks to claim the full 18 weeks' of Paid Parental Leave.

At 2 months
  • Arrange 2 month vaccinations
  • Check out child care options and book if necessary. Child care centres and family day care can have long waiting lists. If you plan to return to work you should put your name down as soon as possible.
  • Sign up for independent schools and/or kindergartens, if applicable.


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Guide to Government Family Benefit Payments

Family Assistance Office
ph: 136 150

Medicare Australia
ph: 132 011

ACT - Births Deaths and Marriages
ph: (02) 6207 6444 

NSW - Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages
ph: 1300 655 236 

NT - Births Deaths and Marriages
ph: Darwin (08) 8999 6119
ph: Alice Springs (08) 8951 5339 

QLD - Births, Deaths and Marriages
ph: 1300 366 430 

SA - Births, Deaths & Marriages Registration Office
ph: (08) 8204 9599 

TAS - Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages
ph: 1300 135 513 

VIC - Births, Deaths and Marriages
ph: 1300 369 367 

WA - Births, Deaths and Marriages
ph: 1300 305 021 

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