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Your 8 month old – baby development guide

Baby Development Guide - eight months oldMove your books from the bottom shelf and tell your dog it isn’t safe to lie in the lounge room anymore – your baby is on the move!

How is baby going?

By the end of this month your baby will be making tracks – commando crawling, bum shuffling, crawling, cruising the furniture or maybe even taking his first steps!

You might have a little comedian on your hands too! He’ll do anything for a laugh and is quite a good mimic – he is probably starting to copy gestures like waving, clapping or coughing.

Your baby’s depth perception is developing too, which means he might start to become scared of heights. By nine months he can see a drop and he’ll understand that it is scary. The desire to move will sometime override this fear, however, so you’ll need to watch him like a hawk – especially when he is up high – on the couch, change table or bed.

You won’t stop every fall though – especially as your little one starts pulling himself up to standing. There will be more than one head bump as he masters the art of cruising furniture and eventually walking.


If you haven’t already you can start offering your baby some chopped food or finger food, for example, raw vegetables, ripe fruit, small sandwiches, macaroni-size pasta, crackers and toast. You can also use cow’s milk in the preparation of meals, though not as a drink until after 12 months.


You might have recently noticed that your baby loves playtime with dad or other men in their life. The way a man engages in play with children is exciting and it can also be beneficial for their development.

Usually a male will engage in playful, physical activity with children and will focus on independence and achievement – while a woman’s protective instincts might stop her doing the same. For example, a father might like to throw his child in the air and catch them, tickle and wrestle, or encourage his child to stand alone and take some small steps towards him. But a mother will have a small heart attack if she walks in while any of this is happening!!

Some fathers feel left out during the newborn phase so this is a great opportunity to engage with their son or daughter. Physical activity and movement is so important for children – it stimulates their brain in so many ways setting them up for a lifetime of learning.

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How are you going?

2 things to do when your baby is 8 months old

Please note: All babies are different, these are generic guides and aren’t a substitute for professional medical advice. If you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to contact your health care provider.

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