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You had me at ‘easy’ – why Mr Muscle is my Mr Right

Mr Muscle Easy Gel Bathroom CleanerWhen I need the bathroom to be clean – I need it to be clean in a hurry.

And until now – until Mr Muscle came into my life – this was almost impossible.

In the past, if I noticed the bathtub was too gross to clean the kids in, I’d have to scrub the soap scum with the old cleaning product for five minutes and then spend the next 20 minutes rinsing the chalky residue down the plughole. In the meantime the children would have lost interest in bath time, have taken off their clothes and would be outside again – either back in the mud or doing nudie runs around the house.

Or if one of the kids had an accident (or maybe I had taken the baby’s nappy off before bath time – with vigour but without checking its contents first) I’d have to find a different cleaning product, one that kills germs, before someone stepped in (or played in) that mess and dragged it around the house on their feet (or hands).

Yep, the joys of parenthood are often left at the bathroom door.

But mostly I just want the bathroom clean quickly because I don’t like to spend much time cleaning something that will be dirty again before I can say ‘don’t wash your muddy feet in the sink!’.

And also because I do most of my cleaning in the 15 minutes before someone comes to visit.

So I guess that’s why Mr Muscle is my new Mr Right.

I had left the bathroom to get particularly grotty (I’d like you to believe this was intentionally done so I could write this post) so the Mr Muscle Easy Gel Bathroom Cleaner had a big job ahead of it. I’ll spare you the disgusting details but let’s just say the tub had developed a neat line of soap scum and there was quite a bit of toothpaste residue in the basin.

And it didn’t take long at all. The ring of soap scum around the tub disappeared with very little effort on my part and best of all there was no residue to rinse. The surfaces and taps were shiny and clean and there was no lingering fumes – just a slight citrus scent. I only needed one product and the whole bathroom was sparkling – the toilet, the sink, the counter and the bathtub.

And because it was done so quickly no new messes had been made in the meantime! No accidents were had and no muddy feet needed to be cleaned. No one panicked and everyone kept their clothes on.

Here are a couple of AFTER photos. The BEFORE photos have been deleted from my phone as they were too shocking to admit to.

A clean bathroom and Mr Muscle Easy Gel Bathroom Cleaner


Mr Muscle Easy Gel Bathroom Cleaner will clean porcelain, ceramic, stainless steel, chrome and fibreglass in the bathroom and other areas in your home.

Mr Muscle Easy Gel Bathroom Cleaner also:

  • Removes 10 x more soap scum*
  • Is better than bleach* on Soap Scum
  • Fights stains
  • Is antibacterial
  • Kills 99.9% of germs
  • Has no fumes
  • Has a gel formula with microbeads

*VS the leading† thick bleach (†Nielsen MAT Feb 2014)


Mr Muscle Easy Gel Bathroom Cleaner with microbeads is a revolutionary gel formula with special cleaning agents to make bathroom cleaning easier! Its exclusive formula removes 10 times more Soap Scum* and fights stains. With no harsh fumes it contains an antibacterial ingredient that kills 99.9% of germs. Perfect for bathroom cleaning
Mr Muscle Easy Gel is available in Citrus, Fresh and Lavender scents.

*VS. the leading thick bleach

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