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12 tips for a stress-free morning routine

Mother and daugher smiling as the mother helps the daughter dress for schoolDo you dread the morning dash? Do you end up stressed out and still late? Do you struggle to get the kids organised? Do you find yourself yelling ‘hurry up!’ over and over again?

There are ways to help your morning routine go more smoothly and you and your children will benefit from them.

A calm and organised morning routine is a must when you’re trying to get the kids to school – if they’re rushed and stressed just leaving the house, you can imagine how hard it is hard to catch up with the rest of their day.

We’ve come up with some tips for keeping a smooth morning routine.

12 ways to make your morning routine less stressful

  1. Be organised yourself. Get up 10 or 15 minutes before your children to ensure your day is planned out as well as your kids’. Check out our family organiser charts and printables
  2. Let them get themselves up. Have an alarm that plays a cool song to wake them up and trust them to get out of bed, giving them a sense of independence.
  3. Have all lunches made, bags packed, and uniforms laid out the night before. This saves time finding shoes or books or homework that mysteriously get lost from the previous afternoon.
  4. Try to avoid yelling in order to make things happen quicker. This can often have the opposite effect if the kids are now frantic about getting ready.
  5. Give instructions one at a time so you don’t overload your children with tasks. Once one is done, move on to the next.
  6. Have the options for breakfast all worked out in advance to save time on indecision or a fight.
  7. Get the kids to rinse their own breakfast plates/bowls so you don’t come home to hardened-on cereal or cheese later.
  8. Put on uniforms after breakfast to avoid spilling on school clothes and changing them anyway.
  9. Don’t put the TV on to entertain kids who are ready early. Offer them a book to read or something to colour to get their minds into school-mode. Watching TV puts them in precisely the wrong frame-of-mind for learning.
  10. Set an alarm to go off 15 minutes before you really HAVE to leave. This way it’s not a shock when 8am rolls around and you should have left at quarter to.
  11. Don’t compromise on the time you need to leave. Send everyone to the car in their current states and take off – a dose of going to school with messy hair will motivate them the next day.
  12. Use a ‘are you ready for school’ checklist for each child’s tasks. This will help so you don’t need to remind them as much, and they get the added sense of responsibility.

Following these tips can keep your morning routine calm and on-time. You can find info on school routines and more in our Back to School Hub.

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