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Top 5 stretch mark myths and facts

Palmer’s ambassador Jennifer Love Hewitt shows off her beautiful pregnant bellyWhen you’re pregnant you start thinking more about the future. You wonder what your baby will be
like, how you’ll be as a mother and how you’ll cope with birth and labour.

You might also wonder if you’ll get stretch marks – and if you can prevent them!

But once you start wondering out loud you’ll soon find out that – like more things pregnancy and
parenting – everyone has advice or an opinion. Often the advice will be conflicting and the opinions
confusing. Welcome to parenting!

So, time for some myth busting. What exactly is the truth about stretch marks?

What are stretch marks?

Stretch marks first appear as silvery-purple-red streaks of parallel lines across your skin. Stretch marks
can be anywhere on your body but are usually found in places such as your legs, bum, upper arms,
breasts, hips and stomach. Stretch marks will feel different to the skin around them – slightly bumpy and

What causes stretch marks?

Stretch marks commonly appear during pregnancy or after a growth spurt or rapid weight gain (or
weight loss!). They happen because your skin stretches or contracts really quickly – so much that the
collagen breaks down and the fibres in your inner layer of skin (called the dermis) tear. Also when you’re pregnant, hormonal changes can make the collagen even more fragile.


“After the success I had using Palmer’s through my first pregnancy, I knew I wanted to support the brand by baring my pregnant belly to celebrate the beauty of expectant mothers. These are products that I believe in and actually use – they help moms to embrace the natural glow of pregnancy and I find it so empowering to be able to show my pregnancy off in this way.”

– Jennifer Love Hewitt, Palmer’s Ambassador

5 stretch mark myths and facts

1. Only women get stretch marks.

FALSE. Anyone can get stretch marks – men and women, young and old. There are so many factors that lead to stretch marks and everyone is at risk.

2. Skinny people don’t get stretch marks.

FALSE. Stretch marks appear because of generic or hormonal factors. So you’ll see them in pregnant woman and teenagers going through rapid growth spurts. You’ll also see them in men or women who have lost or gained weight very quickly. This is why pregnant women need to be extra cautious.

3. Stretch marks fade with time

TRUE. When stretch marks first appear they look like red, pink or brown. This is just because you can see the blood vessels through the tears in the skin. Over time the stretch marks will fade and become more white or silvery in colour. How much they fade depends on the individual’s skin type, like any other scar.

4. There’s a cure for stretch marks.

FALSE. Unfortunately, there is no cure for stretch marks but there are ways you can reduce their appearance and help prevent them.

5. Cocoa butter can help prevent stretch marks.

TRUE. Cocoa butter is a rich and thick cream and it duplicates the natural oils in our skin to lock in that moisture. It can help prevent stretch marks and can even help to reduce the appearance of stretch marks in people who already have them. Also look for ingredients like Vitamin E, shea butter and elastin, they help moisturise the skin and increase its elasticity while collagen helps to build and repair.

Palmers Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks


TIP: The key is to moisturise, moisturise moisturise. There is no replacement for soft, supple skin during pregnancy and it really can help.It’s important to note everybody’s skin is different but gosh, you can at least try right?


This blog post is sponsored by Palmer’s Australia.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion and Massage Cream for Stretch Marks is specially formulated to combat stretch marks in every way. How? Its unique formula builds healthy collagen in the skin, at the same time as increasing the skin’s elasticity and its ability to stretch, while moisturising and protecting. Visit

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2 comments so far -

  1. I used coco b in my first pregnancy up until 7months no stretch marks then my stomach got so huge that no amount of coco b was going to prevent stretch marks
    There is a point where if you get so big your skin is going to give that’s the truth

  2. What a load of bull this is just an advert for coco butter

    Coco butter doesn’t stop your belly if it’s grown so big that your skin tears

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