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The nappy rash faded to nothing with Coles Little Explorer nappies

A toddler's bottom wearing Coles Little Explorer nappiesFumbling fingers, splayed legs, nerves and a sudden gasp as you reveal that strange, alien looking thing they call meconium.

That’s my very first nappy change in a nutshell. I had never changed a nappy before my own children’s. I even got away with getting my husband to do them on the doll at our antenatal class.

Before you know it, nappies are in your life on a daily, sometimes hourly basis. And the conversation around what fills them is as normal as saying “How was your day?” but you’re saying “Yep. It was the carrots” or “Geez, that was big. Really big!”

And when nappies don’t work the way they should it’s a royal pain in the butt. Literally. Nappy rash can look so horrendous, that I often wonder how painful it would really be! We’ve had our fair share of nappy rash dramas in this household over the last 3 years, along with all the other things that happen when nappies don’t work – leakage, overflow and ripped tabs.

angela-image3When I took the 5 day challenge for Coles Little Explorer 10-15kg nappies I’d been using another supermarket brand nappy with little success overnight. And I had tried 2 nappies, with a bigger nappy over the top. Every morning I would change my little man’s pyjamas with my eyes half closed because I would pick him up and he would be soaked. It isn’t my favourite thing to do. I’d much rather pop him straight on the floor and reach for a coffee with my eyes half open instead.

I was also having major issues with nappy rash due to Jeremy’s teething (or so I thought).

The first thing I noticed was how thin and soft the nappies were. They felt more cotton-like and I was sceptical as to how they would keep my 9 month old dry all night when he feeds like it’s going out of fashion! They did though. They kept him dry every night over the 5 day Challenge. And I was so surprised to find that the nappy didn’t weigh a tonne, but actually remained quite thin.

The Coles Little Explorer nappies have a 3 layer Dry-tech core that claims to be ultra-absorbent, keeping baby’s skin dry and healthy. I certainly found that this was true. The nappy rash faded to nothing and my little mister started to sleep a little bit longer.

And that cotton feel is a quilted back sheet that is super soft and specifically made to reduce redness and chafing.

I had never tried Coles nappies and I really can’t complain about these at all. They have a lot of features that a nappy of a much higher price might have – like an elastic back, better fit, and a softness on baby’s skin. There are times when a car trip went that little bit too long and I was sure I would come home to find a wet baby, but he really did remain dry night and day.

So the nappy rash is gone, the wet PJs are gone and the coffee first thing is here to stay. I’m converted.

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– by Angela East, founder of School of Mum


This blog post is sponsored by Coles Little Explorer

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  1. I tried Coles Little Explorer (10-15kg) for the first time and the next morning, bub was wet from leak. I’m not sure what went wrong but honestly I don’t want to use it at night no more. I was a bit disappointed because I’m still looking for a nappy brand my little one and I will be happy with – no leaks (especially at night time), no rashes, no smell,… and was hoping Cole Little Explorer would be the answer. But our first night experience was not we were hoping for.

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