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The essential item for peace of mind in pregnancy

Pregnant woman with ultrasound image of babyShopping for a new baby is exciting – like coming up with baby names – it’s fun to imagine and prepare the environment for the precious bub.

The cot, the pram, wallpaper, breast pumps, breast pads, Mozart CDs, multi-coloured hanging mobiles, cute, cuddly toys, nappies, adorable outfits, creams, bottles, changing mats, maternity wear … the list goes on, and it can be overwhelming!

But the underlying, essential facts about pregnancy haven’t changed for millennia. With whatever mix of external factors are at play in our modern lives, the focus needs to be on the health of the mother and baby, preparing as best as possible for a successful delivery and the start of a new chapter in life.

What really matters? Your peace of mind!

Especially for first-time pregnancies – or when there have been complications in prior pregnancies – this sacred time of life also carries concerns.

But there’s one item you can include on your pregnancy shopping list that can bring you peace of mind – the
AL-SENSE panty liner.

Studies show that up to 46 per cent of pregnant women will experience urinary incontinence during their pregnancy, while approximately 10 per cent will experience amniotic fluid leakage as a result of a premature rupture of membranes.

Understanding when the leakage is amniotic fluid or simply urine is important for pregnant women and their support teams, as well as the health of the baby.

It’s no surprise then that pregnant women seek reassurance about whether or not they are leaking amniotic fluid. In fact, 20 per cent of pregnant women report to their hospital because of vaginal wetness assuming their waters have broken. Of these, 50 per cent are sent home because the wetness was urine.

Tests carried out in hospital are likely to be invasive (involving an internal smear) and provide only momentary information. In other words, the test may show your waters have not broken at that time but then later, when you are at home, the same confusing leaking could occur again.

Removing confusion between amniotic fluid leakage and urinary incontinence during pregnancy in the comfort of home

Amniotic fluid is a colourless liquid that surrounds the developing baby in the uterus. Often referred to as “water breaking”, most women will have a spontaneous and natural rupture of membranes just before or during labour. When this happens, the amniotic fluid will leak out.

AL-SENSE panty liner has been designed to detect whether leakage is due to ruptured membranes or urinary incontinence.

Simple and easy to use, AL-SENSE panty liner can be worn for up to 12 hours, is safe for the mother and baby, and has an accuracy of 95.8 per cent.

AL-SENSE panty liner changes colours immediately upon contact with amniotic fluid.

A test strip embedded in the panty liner acts as a pH indicator and changes colour on contact with fluid that has a high pH level. Normal vaginal pH is 3.5-4.5 whereas amniotic fluid has a high pH of more than 6.5.

If the colour of AL-SENSE panty liner remains yellow after fluid leakage, this means the test is negative and is most likely urine and not amniotic fluid.

When the AL-SENSE panty liner comes in contact with amniotic fluid it changes colour to blue or green indicating a positive result – a clear signal to inform doctor or midwife immediately.

A packshot of AL-SENSE panty liners Australia

“If a woman comes into the delivery suite with ruptured waters gushing out, it is clear that she has ruptured her membranes and appropriate care is given,” says Narelle Tessier, Nursing Unit Manager, Delivery Suite, at Sydney Adventist Hospital.

“If, however, there are just little amounts or the leakage comes and goes, then we may not be so sure if the membranes have ruptured.”

A midwife with more than 30 years’ experience, Ms Tessier sees first-hand the value of a reliable, home screen test for amniotic fluid leakage.

“In these cases, we can ask the mother-to-be to pop the AL-SENSE panty liner on and go for a walk, or we can send them home. It saves them waiting around the hospital for hours. If the AL-SENSE panty liner turns blue after the leakage, then we are better informed and can manage her pregnancy accordingly.”

“Some women get embarrassed by their leakage, and are unsure if they need to contact their midwives. If they already have the AL-SENSE panty liner in their pregnancy kit then they can test at home and save themselves an inconvenient and unnecessary trip to hospital.”

For less than $15 pregnant women in Australia can now check quickly and easily at home if their waters have broken. After worldwide use in Europe, the USA and Asia, AL-SENSE panty liner, the only non-invasive test to distinguish amniotic fluid leakage from urinary incontinence, is now available in Australia.

For greater peace of mind in pregnancy, AL-Sense panty liners are better to have and not need than to need and not have.



This blog post is sponsored by AL-SENSE

AL-SENSE is the only non-invasive monitoring test for amniotic fluid leaks in Australia. To buy AL-SENSE and to read customer testimonials visit

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