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Offspring … did you see it coming?

Patrick and Nina from Offspring on Network TenSPOILER ALERT:

I think I might have to stop watching television while pregnant …

Last night’s episode of Offspring was horrifying – my worst nightmare. Even though we all knew someone was going to die (and he was really the obvious choice – see below) I still went to bed a little shaken.

And I can only imagine – judging by the promos – that next week’s episode will be even sadder as they deal with the aftermath of his death and the bittersweet moment when Nina’s baby is brought into the world, without his gorgeous, loving, eye make-up wearing dad to welcome him (I’m assuming it will be a boy now … are you?)

I know I’ll be crying when Nina finds the ‘surprise’ he had been making.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who’s woken up a little sad today. Social media (and our own forum) has gone a bit Offspring crazy. Not since they killed off Molly from A Country Practice has this country been so affected by the death of a fictional TV character.

Frankly though, I’m relieved that I was somewhat prepared for Patrick’s death. Although I’ve read today that the show’s creator’s intended it to be a shock and were disappointed that the promos turned it into a guessing game!

The promo gave us three options – Patrick, Billie or whatshisname … er, oh dear – and logically it had to be Patrick.

His death opens up a lot of storylines to keep Nina going next season and beyond. It is a drama after all and while the Proudmans provide spoonsfuls of the stuff, there would have been little drama in watching Nina and Patrick’s loving, happy relationship progress. They were finally in a happy place and, while that’s ideal for real life, it doesn’t really work in a TV drama.

Still, I would have been much more affected if I hadn’t have known someone would die.

I couldn’t breathe properly after watching Downton Abbey‘s season three finale. I kept following my partner around gasping … (WARNING: ANOTHER SPOILER ALERT) “I can’t believe they killed Matthew …”. And I imagine they did it for the same reason – Lady Mary was a much more interesting character when she was single.

At least Matthew got to meet his baby … poor Patrick … poor Nina. Oh, it is all so horrible.

Jimmy!!! That’s his name.

– written by Bub Hub editor Rebecca Galton

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3 comments so far -

  1. I have only ever watched a few episodes due to her sister annoying me to the point i get angry and knew after seeing the ad where he wanted to get married and then the ads for someone is going to die i knew for sure it had to be him as Nina is too self obsessed to be able to be in a committed relationship so what better way to bring a baby into the show and allow her to still be the way she is than to kill off the one person who would be part of her life permanently that isn’t family.

  2. My husband asked his friend how his wife dealt with the death he said “I have never seen her cry so hard over anything in my life”. My husbands response was “same”. It seems we were all affected by it dramatically. Pregnant or not.

    I feel so sad now. I know it’s just a show but I keep thinking about going into labor alone….the way she stroked his cheek and rest her head on his chest. So real. So painful.

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