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MyMedela – everything a new mum needs

Women using her tablet to access the MyMedela appEvery new mum needs a few important things – a trusted source of information, a bit of self-confidence, a safe place to find support or guidance, a good memory and a pat of the back every so often.

And a good night’s sleep wouldn’t go astray either.

Now, an app can’t tuck you in for a solid 8-hour snooze but there IS one that can take care of the rest!

The MyMedela App is a personal digital companion for new mums and mums-to-be.

It is full of useful and personalised information relating to pregnancy, birth, baby and breastfeeding; it can measure your confidence levels; offer advice from experts; track your baby’s feeds, sleeps and nappy changes; and can even help you celebrate all those special milestones and achievements.

How the MyMedela App can help you

A trusted source of information

The first thing to do when you download the MyMedela app is to personalise it. Once you add details such as baby’s birth date (or due date) you can then access ‘My Page’ – which is full of informative articles and checklists tailored to your needs at that time. Plenty of relevant reading here for when you’re busy feeding your baby! Articles cover topics including breastfeeding tips, baby massage, stress busters, managing baby crying and much more.

A confidence boost

The MyMedela app offers a clinically developed Breastfeeding Confidence Assessment. By answering a series of simple questions you are able to better understand your own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to breastfeeding. This allows you to focus on achieving your breastfeeding goals and receive personalized content based on your results – including info and tips to increase your knowledge and confidence where you most need it.

A safe place for guidance and support

Life with a newborn can get tough. Problems arise and questions needs answering. The MyMedela App comes with a handy ‘Problem Solver’ feature and with just one click you are connected to answers to common baby, breastfeeding and pumping questions and challenges. This section is developed by health care professionals, including lactation consultants and features information such as dealing with milk blockages, managing stress, avoiding nipple confusion and concerns over milk supply.

MyMedela breastfeeding app screenshot

A good memory

Yes, there’s such thing as ‘baby brain’ but luckily with the MyMedela App you don’t need to rely on your own memory when it comes to tracking baby’s care and development. You can use the app around the clock to keep track of your baby’s size, weight, sleeping patterns and nappy changes as well as when and how long you breastfeed or express milk. It will even keep track of which side you feed from! No need to tie a hairband around your wrist anymore!

A well-earned pat on the back!

It’s hard to pat yourself on the back when your hands are busy feeding a baby which is why the MyMedela App includes motivational notifications to help celebrate your breastfeeding milestones!

The MyMedela app is free and available in the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. Download it now.


This blog post is sponsored by Medela

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