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Kinesiology gave me new vibes

I would generally count myself as a fairly lucky person, but over the course of the previous 12 months, I’ve experienced what I would consider to be an inordinate amount of cruddy luck.

Most of these happenings have been things that happen to me, that are seemingly out of my control, so I began to wonder if somehow I was attracting this misfortune?

Without going into too much detail, I have been sexually assaulted, in public, twice, had a significant car accident and then had something very precious stolen from me and only returned after a very stressful few days and a request for ‘a reward’ for returning my property.

You can see why I was starting to think I may by struck by lightening if something was not done, no?

My personal beliefs have always leaned towards Eastern philosophy and the esoteric, so it was not a big jump for me decide that, just as I would shower if my outer body was dirty, perhaps my inner vibration was in need of a wax and polish.

I was excited as I arrived at my appointment, as I always find that after an ‘energy’ treatment I walk away with that ‘just had my hair done and I love it’ bounce in my step … not that I’ve done that for ages and my hair is really taking balayage to new lows.

If the words ‘energy-healer’ conjures images of purple tulle and patchouli, you would be surprised to know I went to a Paddington apartment, in the heart of Sydney, with a great view overlooking the city. My practitioner was wearing Armani skinny jeans and a pale pink Ralph Lauren jumper. Hardly the stuff ‘ethno-bongo’ imaginings are made of!

Her energy was warm and welcoming as she hugged me ‘hello’ as if we were old friends.
The little white room was set up much like any treatment room and a lovely cup of mint tea awaited me whilst I sat and told the story of how I’d been feeling lately. It’s always great to speak to someone who doesn’t know you, and get some impartial perspective of what you’re experiencing.

We discussed the incidences and various other feelings I’d been having over the last 12 months. For the past couple of weeks I’ve been carrying a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, like a knot of fear, or anxiety. I know this is not at all surprising after what I have been through. Prior to this, something else I’ve become aware of since I’ve started writing and putting myself out there, is a deep feeling of insecurity and paranoia. It’s a strange thing because I thought expressing myself would give quite the opposite outcome and be empowering.

We looked at how I can use positive affirmations and sentences like ‘I love it when …’ to bring the positive changes into my life that I’m looking for.

One of the biggest things she impressed upon me is that we successfully create everything we experience, and that we cannot influence, affect or control others. We need to really own our feelings and we are the only ones that can change our experience.

She then proceeded to do some kinesiology. If you’re unfamiliar with the practice it literally means ‘the study of movement’ and it works by using your body’s bio-feedback. The principle is that our bodies have a system, which can be read and interpreted by muscle response.

Because kinesiology reveals the body’s overall state of structural, chemical and emotional balance, it can be used to discover and to treat a wide range of health issues. These may include stress, allergies and food sensitivities, nervous disorders, muscle, bone and joint pain, headaches, hormonal imbalances, fatigue, insomnia, emotional issues and learning difficulties.

We were able to locate my issues, at a cellular level, and reprogram them to enable me to change the patterns that I had been repeating and were influencing my life.

Kinesiology believes that we innately have the power to heal ourselves once these blockages are removed by using a number of techniques, some of which include tapping, emotional release, affirmations and acupuncture.

The thing about holistic medicine is that while it may easily benefit anyone who cares to try it, many people do not believe in the principles behind the system. My belief is that while Western medicine most certainly has a place, and for the most part does a wonderful job, there is so much more to creating wellbeing for your entire body, both in and out.

How do I feel after my treatment?

I feel like a James Brown song.

I feel light, buoyant, if you will, and the sick feeling in my stomach has gone. My playfulness has returned, and I feel a sense of being grounded and sure….what’s not to love about getting a vibrational facelift!

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