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Overnight testing done – it’s time for a change to Coles Little Explorer nappies!

Toddler girl jumping on trampoline wearing Coles Little Explorer nappiesI’ve been putting nappies in my trolley every week for eight years straight now.

It began with my eldest child… Being the precious first born I bought him the most expensive brand that had been recommended by my more experienced mummy friends.

They promised no leakage, no nappy rash and maximum absorption, and I have to say, they delivered. Oh and they had pretty pictures on them too.

I thought I was on to a good thing and I stuck with them until child number one was toilet trained, and then continued to use them for baby number two. Convinced that the other brands were inferior, I was still buying the same brand when baby number three came along. Now that’s brand loyalty!

Recently, I was perusing my supermarket receipt and thinking about how nappies were the most expensive item on my list, and one of the few items that I purchased every single week. A thought struck me – why was I still buying the most expensive brand? Surely, it wouldn’t hurt to give another brand a try? Would it?

And so when Coles asked me to try their new Little Explorer nappy range for five days, I readily agreed. It was time for a change – a nappy change! The results may surprise you…


Coles Little Explorer Nappies – the range

The nappies are dermatologically tested and have a three way active fit design to ensure they are soft and comfortable. I was particularly impressed with their stretchy waistband, soft elasticised leg cuffs and side tabs that can be adjusted and resealed.  They also have a DRY TECH ultra-absorbent core to prevent leakage and ensure that baby’s skin is kept dry. They are suitable for both boys and girls and come in the following sizes:

  • Coles Little Explorer Nappies, Newborn, 36 pack
  • Coles Little Explorer Nappies, Infant, 32 pack
  • Coles Little Explorer Nappies, Crawler, 30 pack
  • Coles Little Explorer Nappies, Toddler, 24 pack
  • Coles Little Explorer Nappies, Walker, 22 pack
  • Coles Little Explorer Nappies, Junior, 20 pack

Coles Little Explorer Nappies – the 5 day challenge

For my two and a half year old daughter, we tried the Coles Little Explorer Junior nappies (suitable for children weighing 16 kilograms or more). We are in the throes of toilet training at home, but I still use nappies when we’re going out and when she’s sleeping.

Day One

After a dismal morning of toilet training (I didn’t realise before having kids that parenting involved so many conversations about wee and poo!), I decided to pop a nappy on my daughter and get some shopping done. When I showed her the nappy, she was a little hesitant to try something different, but after we looked at the animal pictures on the front, she agreed to wear it. Phew! I then forgot about the nappy until bath time. When I took it off, it was full but there was no leakage and she was dry and comfortable. Success! I then put another nappy on her before tucking her into bed. The overnight nappy would be the big test.


Day Two

Miss two slept through the night without waking and the nappy did its job. There was no leakage and it was very heavy in the morning – it really does absorb a large volume of fluid. I put a fresh nappy on her before we set off to meet up with some friends. We returned home at lunch time and I put another nappy on her for her afternoon nap. There were no signs of nappy rash and no red chaffing. I was feeling a mixture of delight that I had found an inexpensive nappy that was of equal quality to my regular brand, but also annoyance that I hadn’t discovered it earlier. How many dollars could I have been saving over the years?

Days Three to Five:

We continued to successfully use the Coles Little Explorer nappies both at home and when we were out. We even played outside in the mud to really put the nappy to the test—it didn’t fail us. My daughter happily converted to them, and I was convinced. They were not only practical and inexpensive, but they had the soft and luxurious feeling that I thought could only be obtained from expensive brands. I celebrated the savings we would now be making by taking my daughter out for a babycino. The toilet training could wait for another day…

Take the Coles Little Explorer Nappy 5 Day Challenge

If you’re not yet convinced, take the Little Explorer 5 Day Challenge and try the nappies for yourself. Then submit a 50 word review on the Coles web site to be in the running to win a year’s supply of nappies, wipes and disposable bags. There are also zoo tickets to be won weekly!

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– by Ngaire Stirling, founder of Brisbane Kids


This blog post is sponsored by Coles Little Explorer

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