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Kimberley is the founder of Melbourne Mum, a craft-free parenting blog with an irreverrent twist. She is a shutterbug, a word nerd who prefers Balderdash to Chess, aneurysm survivor, and pop culture/cult-TV geek. She made the move from the corporate world to working for herself as a PJ-clad writer/editor.

Visit: http://melbournemum.com

Most recent posts

The real reason we shouldn’t always give kids what they want

I was standing in a department store checkout queue recently, when my daughter, aged 7, started hounding me to buy whatever it was they put in the checkout queue to seduce kids into pester power territory.

“No” I say, simply.

She asks for the next “thing”.

“No” I repeat. “We’re not buying anything from these stands today.”

The woman in front of me who had been listening to our conversation, turns around and asks with a resigned smile;

“How do you do that?”Read the rest

Where have all the (Lego) female Super Heroes gone?

Recently, a (male) friend sent me a petition on Facebook for the change.org “Female Mini-figure Set” project. It called for the general public to support a female mini-figure set to be added to the Lego range with characters such as an astronomer and paleontologist.

When you hit your local department store and consider the enormous variety of Lego products directly catering to boys with recognisable themes that go beyond the Lego range itself – Star Wars, Monster Fighters, Ninjagu and the Lone Ranger, you have to wonder where the kick-arse superheroes are for our girls.

Gender-neutral Lego sets are still on offer and my daughters would no doubt enjoy the Star Wars collection (Princess Leia is represented after all), but the range is clearly marketed to boys with a distinct dearth of plasticised oestrogen.

It has always bugged me, this apparent gender stereotyping in Lego and… Read the rest

PND and the Slow Burn

As soon as Scout was born in January of 2006, the midwives put her to my breast and everything seemed beautiful.

The labour and delivery had been relatively easy and I fell in love with her instantly, something I hadn’t been expecting.

My next order of business was to throw up in a kidney bowl and pass out from exhaustion. But I was happy. Deliriously happy.… Read the rest

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